“tiantian up” 10th anniversary celebration started and tian yuan and other new and old brothers got together again.

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Last night, "everyday up" aired the 10th anniversary special of "perfect". Tian Yuan , Haoming Yu , Da Zhangwei Such as the new and old every day brother qi tongtai, again gathered for the audience to bring a special ceremony.

Tian Yuan, one of the original brothers of the republic, put in a serious effort at the 10th anniversary celebrations. It all started from day day up and came back to the program again.Tian Yuanstill did not forget his original intention Koji Yano Chorus "youth album", recall the past together; And a chorus of I girasoli ", which means "day day up" has a better future, and the daily brothers will walk likeI girasolichasing the sun, delivering a burst of positive energy to the public while bringing a powerful wave of memories.

Tian Yuan said it was a very happy thing to participate in the recording of the 10th anniversary celebration of "everyday up". He was sincere and earnest in the whole process, and it touched him to be reunited with his brother Tian Tian who had not seen for a long time. He believed that the joint efforts of everyone would bring a special and memorable ceremony to the audience. On the show, big brother Wang Han (host) I have been thinking of you often for the past ten years, and you have always been in my heart. Let us each day brothers of the next generation, can be constantly strong, healthy growth.

Tian Yuan continued to explore his acting career after leaving Tian Tian upward. He participated in variety shows, movies and released singles successively. More of Tian Yuan's new works will meet with the audience in succession, please look forward to it.

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