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An oriental odyssey' starring wu qian (actress)

Linkeddb News November 8Produced by huatze group and Beijing free whale film co., LTD.Chou Hsiao Peng [1]Directed,Wu Qian (actress), Zheng Yecheng , Yujian Zhang Etc. An Oriental Odyssey "The show is still running. In the drama, Wu Qian (actress-actress) plays ye yuanan, who has gained a lot of popularity on the Internet due to her quirky and honest personality.

Wu Qian (actress-actress) acting grows. JPG

Wu Qian (actress-actress) dresses down. JPG

Wu Qian (actress-actress) tears the audience & NBSP; Net friend shout: heartache

In last week's episode, the actor, played by Zheng Yecheng, decides to bring back the boy to find out the truth. In the clip, Wu Qian (actress-actress) has touched many viewers by moving from her initial tears to tears and then finally to the uncontrollable emotional changes.

& have spent In this week's trailer, mu fights with zhao lanzhi (Yujian Zhang), and ye yuan 'an designs a muzzle to solve the misunderstanding. Can she finally find out the truth and resolve the conflict? What will she do with the emotional entanglements of mu le and zhao LAN? This week, 4-5-6, "An Oriental Odyssey" continues to be wonderful.

& have spent The polymorphic surprise of Wu Qian (actress-actress) has no limit on the character's pursuit of authenticity

From" YouAreMySunshine "By zhao msheng, who is innocent and ignorant, to My Wonderful Boyfriend In "the pride and amusement of tian jingzhi, and then"Ruyi's Royal Love in the PalaceWu Qian (actress-actress) 's performance is becoming more proficient, and her grasp of lens expression and character hierarchy is more mature. Since her debut, every role she has created has brought a different surprise, and netizens can not help but comment: "split growth acting". & have spent

Wu Qian (actress-actress) meditates. JPG

& have spent A good role thanks to a good script,Wu Qian (actress)when choosing script and the character have their own ideas and standards, she said: "good script is the stronger sense of reality, specifically each figures stand, let you have such a personal letter, then, the whole story grounding gas, don't let a person feel gone with the wind, not the feeling of overhead. I think that's the two most important things; The characters and events stand, and the script is largely untroubled. Not too restrictive about what kind of content and personas."

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