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Zifeng li social platform to share' beautiful photo 'netizen: just like a man in an oil painting

Star connection September 14Recently, a popular actor Zifeng Li Post your life photos on the social platform with the caption: "blue sky, white clouds, beautiful scenery, it is not allowed to take a beautiful photo."Zifeng Listands in a brown and green coat Yu Lan Between the sky white clouds, look back to the lens, mouth slightly upward, coat and around the green plants set off. The color of the photo is fresh and bright, which makes people put Buddha andZifeng Libetween nature, making people relaxed and happy. It is reported thatZifeng Liis currently filming the new series, the beautiful photo has attracted many fans to wonder where the god of the shooting. One fan commented that while the beauty is common, it is rare thatZifeng Lihas a harmonious beauty with the surrounding landscape that feels like painting.

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