Zifeng li, sorry, break up' lei wu lin yun cp

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Linkeddb News October 11Recently, a popular actor Zifeng Li In the TV series Fights Break Sphere In the series, it was released again, but I did not expect that the abuse would start as soon as it came online Lei Wu Lin Yun Of "smoke smoked" CP, whole journey masochism heart, many netizen express heart in succession!

As ancient tribal rulers, Zifeng Li plays always bear the full burden of the family of the artist gu yuan and also lost his family, and daughter may not meet each other for many years, in the plot of the latest update, GuYuan and Xiao Xuner father and daughter finally meet each other, but Xiao Xuner to him full of misunderstanding, the sentence of "Xiao Xuner is ancient smoked son, I am your father!" Make enough tears.

01 Zifeng Li. Jpeg

In addition, Zifeng Li's launch also disconnects Lei Wu and Lin Yun's "smoky" CP, and the plot begins to become sadistic. For the ancient clan, gu yuan, played by Zifeng Li, decides to take xiao home. The departure scene is both sad and poignant, with netizens saying "this is too abusive for father and daughter!" ", "beg gu yuan father light abuse!"

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