Moscow action 'started broadcasting soaring ratings is expected to 2018 start dark horse

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Hot Blood and Criminal Investigation Drama " Moscow Action " landed on the day before yesterday, Zhejiang Satellite TV, directed by " Guilty " director Rui Zhang , Summer rain , Wu Ta-You , Qianyu Yao , Chi Gin Cheung , Chang Rong , , Nikolai Ivanov and other powerful Chinese and Russian actors starred side by side. With strong plot, fast-paced narrative style and exciting exciting drama, the series premiere has won the praise of the audience. Not only has the ratings been soaring, but also many viewers have found "a long-lost drama experience" that is expected to become the opener in 2018 Dark horse.


The "Moscow Operation" begins with the story background, characters and roles of the whole story of the "Sino-Russian train robbery" in 1993, and the origins of the story are clearly explained. It is like the general narrative of the U.S. drama that has appealed to many viewers. The two-episode story tells Chen Erli why he led the mobile team to investigate in Beijing because of a simple flashback. The whole story of the case was clarified. Even with the numerous obstructions to the foreign case investigation, the Chinese police still did not forget the fiery spirit Most vividly After the premiere, there are audience comments "This is a much anticipated surprise."

The style of the show is close to the documentary, and the performance of non-current-type actors is even more commendable. Charlie played in the summer rain properly handled, not deliberately holding the tall image, but more real and lively. Qianyu Yao played the "second sister" relentlessly, "Femme Fatale" blackening thoroughly, so that the audience saw the "good girl" Qianyu Yao change.

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