Moscow action 'will be broadcast, Fu Rong Fiona challenge different people set off a hundred kinds of life

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Criminal Investigation subject drama " Moscow action " profile Zhejiang TV China Blue Theater is about to start, directed by the director Rui Zhang , Fu Rong Fiona starring. For Fu Rong Fiona, who appears in front of the camera with a youthful and sweet image, "Luo Xiuxiu" was the first person in the play to play a subversive role with both international students and underworld background. The challenge of "Luo Xiuxiu" sparked great expectations and attention from fans.

莫斯科行动 Fu Rong Fiona

Accumulate in the work with acting speech

Emerging actor Fu Rong Fiona, despite having extraordinary values, has been looking forward to acting on his own. Since her debut, performing in the pursuit of excellence and hard work, she has her own insights into the deep interpretation and interpretation of her role.

From " Amoy Marriage " played with Tianyu Ma staged painstaking pursuit of hard-hearted play the second generation daughter "Grape", " Concubine " in the usual play neutral dress, often unforgettable, But the heart is an out-and-out little woman " Ping Ha ", all show Fu Rong Fiona that easily grasp the role and abundance of interpretation of the actors strength, wonderful vivid, structured performances, not only gives different people Life temperature, but also to the audience left a deep impression on the heart, Fu Rong Fiona also by virtue of "Amoy Amoy" and "concubine memoir" countless numerous, popularity all the way up; at the same time her interpretation of the role of tension also won the industry Recognition of praise, as the public look forward to high-profile new popular actor, film about constantly.

Challenge different people set up, appreciate all kinds of life

Fu Rong Fiona thinks that a real good actor can control different roles on the screen to achieve a state of "unity of form and spirit", and has the opportunity to perform different types of people in different stages of the play. For the performers, it is Is very happy and enjoyable thing, then is about to kick off in Zhejiang Satellite TV, the annual drama "Moscow Action", Fu Rong Fiona again will give the audience what kind of surprise, people look forward to.

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