Ever night' stars an unknown, supporting roles are all superstars! net friend straight shout: spell the highest state

" Ever Night "I don't know the lead, the supporting cast are all superstars! Net friend straight shout: spell the highest state

Recently, the new series "Ever Night" is in the hot air, the premiere of the direct break billion, how can such traffic? To tell you the truth, the star of "Ever Night" did not know any, but the supporting roles were all stars, such as the king of heaven star dawn, film emperor Hu Jun Old play bone, Ni Dahong And so on. A lot of people on the Internet Chen Feiyu As a male number one is also a daze, later search found out that he is a famous director Chen Kaige Son, the resources are so good to understand.

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However, the actress who plays the no. 1 in Ever NightS.I reineIn addition, there is no flow of the floret, this time as the female master, it is a little bit confusing. A net friend pulled out, she once because of a group of pure school uniform photos popular network, pure image deeply popular. Though? But later was pulled out a lot of bad habits, people set collapse.

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While none of the main characters are flukes and florets, the supporting cast of the show is truly impressive. This time, though, Chen Kaige is putting his money where his mouth is, using the whole show to celebrate his son, and even famous actors who have made a name for themselves. Small make up with everybody first say film emperor class strength acting class actor Hu Jun, believe that everybody knows. He also created a lot of classic roles, in the entertainment industry rarely good actors! Although, this cast supporting roles, but still bright and shining!

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Another supporting actor Ni Dahong, known as the golden supporting actor. Any director who worked with him said he was relieved to have Ni Dahong on set. Sure enough, Chen Kaige did let the old showman down. When it comes to acting, the power and awe of a play always stand out. Each excellent performance by Ni Dahong always brings a surprise to his play, which is undoubtedly a brilliant scene in Ever Night. In addition to Hu Jun and Ni Dahong, Adam Cheng There will also be a wonderful performance in the play, the new play "Ever Night" can be said to be full of watching points. No wonder the ratings are exploding just after the show started.

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Seeing such a cast, I just want to say Chen Feiyu is really lucky! So many seniors for him foil, the net friend direct shout, it is to spell the highest state. Chen Feiyu is also expected to deliver a surprise to the audience.

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