Xiaoyu wu' premiered wenli jiang ni dahong and won praise

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Linkeddb News October 16by Jiacheng Liu Directed, Wenli Jiang , Ni Dahong , Hairong Tian , Xiaoyu Wu And co-starring period drama The young woman under the Zhengyang Gate "Will be launched on October 16, Beijing satellite TV quality theater and jiangsu satellite TV happiness theater. The play tells the story of xu huizhen (Wenli Jiang), Chen xuelu (Hairong Tian), xu jingli (Xiaoyu Wu) and other ordinary women who dare to start a business and struggle in the constant pace of advancing times and finally become a strong woman.

& have spent Xiaoyu Wu has won praise from the director for her performance in women's entrepreneurship history

"The young woman under The Zhengyang Gate" tells The story of xu huizhen, who broke up with her husband soon after marriage, and inherited her ancestral property and became The owner of The pub. Along with her husband (Ni Dahong) and daughter (xu jingli), she has worked hard, supported each other and gone through trials and tribulations to become an inspirational story for female entrepreneurs during the historical tides of public-private partnership and reform and opening-up.


Xiaoyu Wu pictorial. Jpeg

Xiaoyu Wu The young woman under The Zhengyang Gate. Jpeg

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Xiaoyu Wu plays Wenli Jiang and Ni Dahong's daughter xu jingli, who is capable, brave, kind-hearted and decisive. In the drama, Xiaoyu Wu faces the tide of The Times with her family, helps the family overcome difficulties and finally makes her own career. Xiaoyu Wu, in order to more accurately interpret the role of female entrepreneur xu jingli under the reform and opening-up, has turned over a large amount of graphic and text materials, and her earnest and dedicated attitude has been praised by director Jiacheng Liu for many times. Screenwriter wang zhili also said: "after seeing Xiaoyu Wu's performance in the film, I was moved to tears."

 Wenli Jiang Ni Dahong Xiaoyu Wu: very excited!

Xiaoyu Wu is also very excited about the cooperation with Wenli Jiang and other big names. She confesses that she has watched Wenli Jiang's plays since she was a child, and Ni Dahong is the god she worshiped when she began to learn acting. She is very happy to cooperate with them. She not only fulfilled her little wish, but also gained a lot of understanding about acting.

& have spent Xiaoyu Wu, who plays xu jingli in the drama, is a strong entrepreneur, and Xiaoyu Wu is no less. Besides being an actress, she is also an outstanding female producer. Asked about the difference, she replied: "actors are focused and self-focused, and producers take control and hold the show. I used to be a producer just to get a kick out of it, to have an experience, but now I'm a producer just to have control over the quality of the situation, to do what I like, to do what I like."

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