Bring us the warm light of the hour

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Star relation news: produced by penguin film and television, double karma film, adapted from Zhao dry The youth love drama of the same name best-selling novel "to us warm the hour light" recently held the startup ceremony in ningbo, Fair Xing, , Lin, one , Daddi Tang, Zheng yingchen and other leading actors show themselves together, youthful and cheerful. Zheng yingchen, a new generation after 1995, appeared in a loose white shirt.

The Zheng Yingchen plays in the "to our warm warm light," "Wang Shan, an independent intellectual ice snow clever little sister, facing graduation, walk into society, she will be with friends, and at the end of the Stuart geek students with excellent grades gu is not easy, basketball school hunk Fu Pei jointly interpret a warm sweet funny love story of youth. On the day of starting up, the first group of posters of the play were also released. In the poster, zheng yingchen wore a flowing and light white dress with sneakers, with a tall figure, sweet and bright smile, and full young style, which made people shine at the moment.

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