Lin one touches the big screen for the first time,' Hope Island '' steal teacher 'Duan Yihong

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Recently, science fiction theme movie "Hope Island" cast exposure, in addition to the godfather and Andy Garcia, Duan Yihong , Rhydian Vaughan and other big coffee, the 95 after the birth of Lin one also confirmed the show.


It is reported that the movie "Hope Island" is " Iron Sky " series third. The "Iron Sky" episodes 1 and 2 are black comedy films on science fiction that tell the story of the Nazis establishing their bases on Moon in preparation for a counter-attack on the Earth. This "Hope Island" is based on China and tells the story of a Chinese adventure to save the Earth. It is understood that "Hope Island" investment is much larger than the previous two.

 Lin one

This time, the role played by the Tang Chinese after the Lin one in "Hope Island" was temporarily kept secret. Boot day, he deliberately made microblogging wish the movie start, also said that for their own newcomers, can have many gods and predecessors to learn opportunities, very lucky; he must work hard, cherish the cast every minute and everyone. In fact, Lin one did exactly that. It is understood that, as long as the teacher Duan Yihong and other predecessors play, even if the day without Lin one's scenes, he also went to monitor carefully study. Newcomer Lin one in a humble attitude to treat the performance, can not help but look forward to his performance in the film.

 Lin one

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