Always family(TV)[2018]
Always family(TV)[2018]

《Always family》Episodes

《Always family》Ep1:episode 1

In the 1980s, the money in the state-owned factory was cheated out. Qiao weiping was the section chief of the factory. Qiao weiping's family members are also worried about how the money raised by the workers do, zhang said, but the factory director sun may have fled abroad, and the government is a blind eye to their misfortune, the factory is full of rumors, the specific circumstances should qiao weiping. Wei-ping qiao back when the landscape, it is oneself buy patent technology, go with the factory director sun meeting due to privacy involved in the meeting each other is not to take photos, wei-ping qiao also wondered at the time, waiting for the students to give their feedback, but got no answer, have been advised the factory director sun not to sign the contract and his classmates study results to inform, the technology company never give their own technology to any enterprise, the factory director sun not be persuaded to hold wei-ping qiao let their Sun Huining to send his daughter to the airport, wei-ping qiao agree. Early the next morning, qiao weiping went to look for the director of sun factory but found that he had gone, leaving only a letter telling himself to go and never come back. The workers were waiting at the gate, but Mr. Zhang dismissed them, and several of the factory's cadres were at a loss. Second Du Baolin tinkering with their own things at home, the second daughter-in-law cui feng and Po lam said that as soon as he comes back when xin kui had to raise their block didn't give money to escape, but just the second door cause wife suspect, so he was searched out, home into a blank sheet of paper money, make more than, noisy, the family are used to it. Old two daughter-in-law make a scene to shout bao Lin two goods, then tell the truth of the matter, the family all didn't help old two family, the family all raised money, old two daughter-in-law still not to bear not to forgive, then go together by accident wei ping to want money, du two elder sister beautiful, help qiao wei ping, say want to take money to return old two family, cui feng angry say oneself don't want to lead. Father du came out and said that the government wouldn't leave such a big deal, just go back. Du father let beauty go on a blind date, beauty would not only want to find a favorite. When the workers came to collect money, xiuli came out to defend weiping and drove the workers away. The cadres in the factory came to discuss with wei ping to draft a petition to the government, but some people put forward different opinions. The big guy still needs to talk about the specific situation. In fact, it is useless to find qiao weiping and just wait for the news from the government. Du father asked wei ping to go to hide for a few days. Wei ping was alone in his office. He remembered the day he sent sun huining away. She sent many articles of daily use and food to weiping. Weiping was sorry to accept, but she was very concerned. Qiao weiping took a bath in the factory but suddenly ran out of water, cold and feverish after freezing for a long time, and xiuli hurried out to buy medicine to take care of weiping.Wei-ping qiao love beautiful, beautiful like wei-ping qiao, two people each other love, decided to get married, papa doc told two people carefully interested, don't go against married a beautiful, actually WeiPing is du son, dad friend, papa doc was concerned about WeiPing will be sorry and Sun Huining and its goodwill, wei-ping qiao tell your real thoughts will give happiness, du dad finally agreed to two people's marriage. Both of them thanked their families for their care. When wei ping was six years old, he had to leave his parents. However, zhengqi went to college and became a section chief at a young age. Xiuli and weiping said that they wanted to marry weiping since they were young, and now they feel that they are the happiest women in the world. But this time someone knocked on the door in the morning, it was the factory notice qiao weiping to the district director to look for. WeiPing hurried to meet with district, district said to appointed WeiPing competent deputy director, WeiPing was chosen as diversion works is not easy, the red flag factory for such a big factory of more than five thousand people always to solve the problem, WeiPing tricky, warden again to move to, everybody is raised red flag factory, because of his workers would raise again, so no matter such as wei-ping he will take up this job. Wei ping had no choice but to accept it but he put forward several conditions. The first one was to solve the problem of capital raising, but the district governor said it was impossible for the government to solve the problem of internal fund raising. Wei ping is worried to go home, we all know that wei ping became the factory director, bao Lin is jealous. Someone in the factory made zhang director wei ping's seniority but he became the director. Zhang is very clear about the advantages and disadvantages. All the family pointed to wei ping zhuguang, but only du father asked everyone to support.

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