Always family(TV)[2018]
Always family(TV)[2018]
Always family(TV)[2018]

Always family(TV)[2018]

Episode: 32 Area: The Chinese mainland
Stars: Language:
Year: 2018
Genre: The plot

《Always family》Episodes

Du na returned to her hometown, shocked by the earth-shaking changes in shenyang tiexi district. In the 1990s, the state-owned hongqi factory got into trouble under the big economic environment. In order to save the factory, sun found foreign businessmen to buy new equipment, but he didn't want to be cheated to collect all the capital. Qiao weiping was ordered to take the red flag factory out of the predicament. On the other hand, qiao weiping's adoptive father du shoufu is the red flag factory's old labor model, his younger daughter du xiuli is infatuated with wei ping, but the girl who can make wei pingxing is sun huining's only daughter, in order to repay du shoufu's nurturing grace, wei ping had to agree to marry the beauty. Wei ping took office after the difficulties, he resolved one by one, and successfully opened the ball mill sales. And the silent support of beauty for her gradually opened his heart. Ten years later, with the support of national policies and the guidance of wei ping, the large state-owned enterprise hongqi factory finally set sail. Du shoufu's family also welcomed the spring after all kinds of hardships.

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《Always family》Cast

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