The Eternal Love 2(TV)[2018]
The Eternal Love 2(TV)[2018]

《The Eternal Love 2》Episodes

《The Eternal Love 2》Ep1:My eternal love behind time, Mo Liancheng searched Qu Chan travel through space-time.

When Mo Liancheng arrived,Qu Chan was caught by a woman with black cloak. Mo followed them and jumped into the sea where they disappear.

Since underworld empire’s big bang,great gravity warped time-space.Both Mo Liancheng and Qu Chan were dropped in a dark hole.This time they came to modern times,but when Mo woke up he couldn’t find Qu,he believed she was safe.

After a long time,Mo finally found Qu,but Qu Chan couldn’t remember him.He took her to see a doctor,the doctor said her body was no problem. Mo was relieved,whatever she remember him was not important. He just wished her own a happy life.However,their destiny story were just start...

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