The Eternal Love 2(TV)[2018]
The Eternal Love 2(TV)[2018]

《The Eternal Love 2》Cast

Mo LianCheng Xing Zhao Lin Play)

Xing Zhao Lin

Princess Agents (Chinese: 特工皇妃楚乔传) is a 2017 Chinese television series based on the novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei (11处特工皇妃) written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er (潇湘冬儿). It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou and Li Qin. The series aired on Hunan TV on 5 June to 1 August 2017.

Qu Taner (Qu Xiao Tan) Jie Liang Play)

Jie Liang

Liang Jie was born on June 16, 1994. He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, an actress from Mainland China. In 2014, he participated in the youth school inspiring drama "Tornado eleven people" and entered the performing arts circle. Later, he also participated in the anti-war drama "My name is Liu Chuan Shuo". In 2015, he participated in the anti-war drama Wolf. In 2016, he participated in the anti-war drama "Spire of Flames youth" and the two-dimensional fantasy comedy "My girlfriend's boyfriend." In 2017, the starring drama series “Double World Princess” was launched on the Tencent video, and Liang Jie’s characters such as Xiao Tan got more attention.

Mo YiHuai Richards Play)


Richards, born on October 8, 1997, enrolled at the Nanjing Arts Institute, actor in Mainland China. In September 2016, Richards debuted as a youthful campus comedy "Spicy Factory Director" in December of the same year for starring in his youthful online school movie "The Second Illness Girl Saves the World." In January 2017, he starred in the fantasy online drama "The Legend of School Flowers", and in July of the same year, he played for the first time in the costume love network drama "Shuang Shi Chong Fei".

Qu PanEr Qi Zhong Play)

Qi Zhong

Qi Zhong, a graduate of the University of British Columbia, Canada, is an actress in Mainland China. In 2017, starred in the costume light comedy "Shuang Shi Chong Fei"; June, in the youth love drama "National Husband" Lin played the role of poetry.

More《The Eternal Love 2》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Yining Sun Jing Xin No introduction
Haoge Wang Mo JingXuan No introduction
Chen Yu dimensional Liu Shang No introduction
Chunyong Hu Yu Hao No introduction

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