Condor heroes(TV)[1995]
Condor heroes(TV)[1995]

《Condor heroes》Ep1:episode 1

Lu ZhanYuan had abandoned Li MoChou, a red-trained fairy, 15 years ago, which made her hurt by Ku MuDaShi. She was always worried and bitter till now. Now it's time to come back to yuan and settle accounts with his wife He YuanJun. The dead wood came to help yuan out again, but he was hurt by the poison needle this time. Before he died, Wu SanTong was called to inform yuan as soon as possible. Wu SanTong turns out to be crazy because his ex is very much like his wife. The three wives and niangs brought two sons to the yuan family. Sorrow left nine blood palm prints to kill the yuan family, the prince and the yuan in front of sorrow killed themselves, worry because of fear of the third Yang fingers and left, yuan's female shuang still do not know their parents have died.

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