Condor heroes(TV)[1995]
Condor heroes(TV)[1995]
Condor heroes(TV)[1995]

Condor heroes(TV)[1995]

Episode: 32 Area: Hong Kong, China,
Stars: Louis Koo Carman Lee Jason Pai Piao More>> Language:
Director: Lee Tim-sing Year: 1995
Writer: Kwok Fai Wong Zhao Jingrong Bo Yin Chan Jian Ping Tang Genre: Ancient costume | Martial arts master | Love

《Condor heroes》Episodes

Yang Guo because of a chance accident, mistakenly entered the tomb of the living dead, more worship the tomb of the master xiaolong 95 shendiaxia men as a teacher. Two people depend on each other for life, in the unconscious of the generation of subtle male and female feelings, and achieve life and death to meet the situation. They were faithful to this love, and when they met Xiao LongNv, they were humiliated by Yin ZhiPing, and they were able to marry in public. Even though they loved each other, they were still separated, and finally they were able to continue their relationship after 16 years. In the other case, the feud with Guo Jing and Huang Rong is a continuous dispute. Jing promised his daughter Guo Fu but refused. Since the beginning of the eve and past feud deep, in a misunderstanding, the more a knife cut off the right hand, because of love into hate. And xiaodong xie Guo Xiang has been open-minded, encouraging people to look for dragons at the end of the earth. .

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