New Strange Studio(TV)[2005]
New Strange Studio(TV)[2005]

《New Strange Studio》Ep1:Lu sentence' Episode 1

Dead, ghost, was brought to the underworld. Before his death, he was sentenced to 18 layers of hell to suffer, without serious mistakes, he was awaiting reincarnation. The prefectures are also ruled by the same officials as the king. The supreme ruler is the king of hell and under the hell of Yan Luo, there are ten palaces of Yan Wang, the four judges, the fifth general, the city god, the black and white, the horse head and the face of Meng Po. Among them, the magistrate controls the life and death, has a book of life and death, which records people's life and death, one's life sunshine, the stylus draws a hook, Erotic messenger - black and white impermanence will bring the souls of the deceased Incest trial. The world, the capital, Hanlin Censor Bai Songling innocently dragged into a literary prison, was sentenced to death, at the autumn solstice, a row of prisoners of war was pushed to the execution field beheaded, a crowd of people watching the crowds, Zhu ErDan is also among them. When the government official reads the guilt, Bai Yang, son of Bai Songling, turns his back from the masses and hurts his father for innocence and scolding the dog officials for misleading the law. The Yaneti forced to steal away Bai Yang. Suddenly a stormy at this time, the crowd have to avoid, Jian Jian official order, the public prisoners fell to the ground.

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