New Strange Studio(TV)[2005]
New Strange Studio(TV)[2005]

《New Strange Studio》Cast

Wang AnXu Kwong Wa Play)

"Painted skin" Bachelor of science, quite famous, in order to have two wives for the future, ultimately, was the dead ghost deadly.

Kwong Wa

Kwong Wa (born Chan Muk-wah on 19 November 1962) is a Hong Kong actor and singer. He is widely known for his portrayals of Chinese historical characters such as Lao Ai (A Step into the Past), Xiang Yu (The Conqueror's Story), Tang Sanzang (Journey to the West), Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (The Legend of Lady Yang), Yongzheng Emperor (The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow) and Qianlong Emperor (Happy Ever After).

Mei SanNiang Li Zeng Play)

Wang AnXu's ex-wife, Painted Skin, was killed by Wang AnXu and later retouched into a painted leather ghost.

Li Zeng

Zeng Li, born September 17, 1976 in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, is an actress from the Mainland of China and graduated from the Department of Performance of the Central Academy of Drama with a Bachelor's degree of 96. In 2000, Zeng Li entered the whole group after graduation; In the same year, appeared in the first drama "The Brothers" into the entertainment circle; 2002 starring in urban emotional drama "men and women" attracted attention; 2005 starring love war movie "barber" and With the drama nominated for the Shanghai International Film Festival Award for Best Actress. In 2007, starring suspense emotional drama "blue file." In November 2012, she participated in the family emotional drama "The Three Kingdoms era"; In 2014, she participated in the drama "Unfarmed wife." In the same year starring youth inspirational drama "cyclone eleven." 2015 starring urban emotional inspirational drama "really want to make you happy." January 2016 starring Xian Xia fantasy drama "Albatron blog"; April 1, starring young campus inspirational drama "Cyclone eleven" premiere; the same year starring urban emotional light comedy "housewife also fight." In 2017, starred in the Oriental drama "Drunk Delicate."

Chen ChuHui Joy Yi-Chun Pan Play)

"Painted Skin" Wang AnXu's second wife, Wang AnXu in order to marry the princess, died of his dystocia.

Joy Yi-Chun Pan

Joy Pan, born on September 1, 1969 in Taipei, Taiwan, is an actress in film and television and graduated from Drama Studies Department of China University of Culture. In 1985, participated in the first movie "Heroes of the four countries." In 1994, participated in the martial arts drama "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", with Ji Xiao Fu corner to get more attention. In 1997, participated in the drama "marriage flowers." In 2004, participated in the TV series "salt-free woman." In 2006, starring urban emotional drama "big wife little husband." In 2008, starring TV drama "boatman Wen Wei." August 2011, in the TV series "Perfect husband." May 2014, in the TV series "Red Wine". In June 2014, participated in the drama "sharp Renren."

Zhang DaoShi Yueli Yue Play)

Yueli Yue

Yue Yueli, born on June 5, 1958 in Pingdingshan, Henan Province, China film actor. In 1980 Yue Yueli began to perform in Hunan Radio and Television Performing Arts Troupe. In the same year, she participated in the solo debut drama Shield. In 1986 appeared in the TV series "Wulong Shan bandits". In 1992 for participating in Qiong Yao drama "Green River grass" and get attention in Taiwan. In 1994, starring in costume drama "Crescent Princess." In 1999, starring love drama "new mandarin duck butterfly dream." In 2002 starred in youth idol inspirational drama "eighteen years sky." 2007 starring drama "Love lock." In 2009 starring family ethics drama "Marriage that thing." In July 2014, the martial arts show "Gu Jian Qi Tan" starred in Hunan Satellite TV. In 2016, starred in war drama "Running the City".

More《New Strange Studio》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Nien Wan Ming XiaGongZhu No introduction
Li Fei Shi YiMing No introduction
Lan Law An XuMu No introduction
(None) Shi Fei No introduction
(None) Lin DaMa No introduction
(None) Zi Yan No introduction
(None) Chen HanLin No introduction
Rainie Yang A Bao "A Bao" suffered from a strange illness due to the jealousy of Chai ShaoAn, forgetting the old things every day, and becoming a Sunvist with Sun ZiChu.
Fang Liu Chen FuRen No introduction
Li Shide Zhao Rui No introduction
(None) Bao Mu No introduction
Ming Er Guo Seng Ren No introduction
Jimmy Lin Wang YuanFeng "Xiao Cui" Wang Tai often alone, is a fool, Xiao Cui's husband. Be deceived by the snake demon, became extremely violent, Snake demon after the complex for the infatuation.
Bingbing Li Xiao Cui "Xiao Cui" Ling Fox's daughter, mother to pay her will be married to Wang YuanFeng.
Rulu She Ji No introduction
(None) Yu Ji No introduction
Ho Kwai-Lam Wang YuanZhi No introduction
Qilin Ji Wang PuPin No introduction
Shan Zhang Huang Di No introduction
Xian Dong Wang FuRen No introduction
Zhong Zhou Lei Shen No introduction
(None) Wang JiHong No introduction
Ma Jun Gao ZaiXiang No introduction
Li Shide Man Xiang No introduction
Hong Yuan Sun ZiChu "A Bao" is a veterinarian in his occupation, enjoying animal health and never looking for a marriage. He falls in love with Zhao A Bao at first sight and eventually becomes a couple.
Rainie Yang Zhao BaoYu No introduction
Cheung Tat-ming Chai ShaoAn No introduction
Pei-pei Cheng Miao PoPo No introduction
Ma Zhongde Lu BenShan No introduction
(None) Gao JunNing No introduction
Zhou Shi Xuan Xiao Rong No introduction
(None) Zhao YuanWai No introduction
(None) Zhao PeiYu No introduction
Ming Er Guo A Gui No introduction
(None) Bei Bei No introduction
Xu Chi Chai ShaoAnShouXia No introduction
(None) He DaFu No introduction
Xiaoming Huang Bai Yang "Lu Pan" is in his twenties, he is a good young man, diligent in learning, good and evil, full of sense of justice, fear of power, dare to mess up anyway, indomitable! △ and Zhang XiaoMan have a marriage contract, ready to go to Beijing to marry Xiaoman married wife, but why God wants to get people, Xiaoman was killed by a thief, Xiaoman head was informed that the flower was changed, so Zhu ErDan wife, so Entangled endlessly, I learned that Lu Pan is a law-abiding act, did not hesitate to sue Yan Wang and Jade Emperor to take justice and save Xiao Man.
Ke Hu Zhang XiaoMan "Lu Pan" ladylike, double decade, glamorous moving, such as the fairy descendants, but the character of a fierce, good and evil, good and stubborn, clever sensitive learning, poetry and painting are all fine, is the father of the pearl, . Bai Yang and childhood sweetheart marriage contract, the two hearts of each other, non-Jun not married, non-Qing married, unshakeable. After the anti-thieves prostitution, died in a thief knife, then Lu Pan removed for the first level for Zhu wife.
Lichun Lee Lu Pan "Lu Pan" looks fickle, red-faced, heresy one of the four judges, proficient in writing and writing. Heroic, strong, supervise the human life of the people, stylus a hook, that is ecstatic. However, the nature of people, a good cup of things, due to friendship and selfishness.
Bryan Wong Zhu ErDan "Lu Pan" in his twenties, looks bad, because of stubborn reactions, was peer ridiculed as straw bag. At one time, I tried to get the fame. Due to the help and rescue of Lu Pan, Lu Pan made a great effort to change his mind, make him smart and match him. His life and fortune have also taken a radical turnaround. Because of a change of heart, become smart, then become greedy selfish, indolent, do not know contentment.
Siu-Wai Mui Ke ShaoRong No introduction
Min Xu Si TuPan No introduction
Qingxiang Li Taoist / Dongyue Great No introduction
Xu Ming Zhang ShiYu No introduction
Xian Dong Zhang FuRen No introduction
Wang Wensheng Yan Wang No introduction
Zhu Haifei Ren YuanWu No introduction
(None) Yang DaNian No introduction
Dehua Zhou Wang DaHai No introduction
(None) Er DanFu No introduction
(None) Hong XiuCai No introduction
Bojun Zhang Tong ZhiFu No introduction
Li Shide Chen Pan No introduction
(None) Wu Zuo No introduction
Ming Er Guo Yu Zu No introduction
Tae Suttawat Tao WangSan The students at "Xiao Xie" College started to feel good about the daughter of Jiang ShiLang. After the deadlocked, fell in love with save his ghost Xiao Xie, and finally with the help of Tian DaoShi and Xiao Xie.
Leila Tong Xiao Xie Xiao Xie, a ghost who lives in Ginger House, favors Tao WangSan, who reinstates Tian DaoShi, and lives with her.
Huo Siyan Qiu Rong No introduction
Michelle Lin Jiang QianQian No introduction
Nan Li Tian DaoShi No introduction
(None) Jiang ShiLang No introduction
(None) Jiang FuGuanJia No introduction
MIKI Chun Hua No introduction
Yujia Ding Xiao Bai No introduction
(None) Hei Pan No introduction
Lou Yajiang Jiang YaoXing No introduction
Zhou Yun deep Zhang GongZi No introduction
Ge Hu Ning CaiChen "Xiaoqian" tour city horse postman, on the way to send letters met ghost Xiaoqian, both love affairs.
Mini Yang Nie XiaoQian "Xiaoqian" grandmother raised to suck the ghost of the devil, sincerely fall in love with kindness of Ning CaiChen, after the battle with the Montenegro Laoguang gray annihilation.
Eric Kot Yan ChiXia No introduction
Minna Yang Shu LaoLao No introduction
Chen Ji Chen San Tai / Montenegro Lao Yao No introduction
Wu Chi-Min Bing Er No introduction
Sirong He Xue Er No introduction
Jiang Liwei Xiao ShiTou No introduction
Yi Kun Hao SeShuSheng No introduction

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