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Minna Yang


  • Famale
  • Libras
  • 164
  • 1976-09-27
  • Shanghai, China
Yang Ming Na, born September 27, 1976 in Shanghai, China, is an actress and graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy in 1998. In 1996 to participate in the first drama "Qin family storm"; starring in 1997 "New Gone with the Wind" and starring in 1998 "Water Margin" after attention; 1999 TVB version of "Blood Sword", and Lin Jiadong, Charmaine Opera, played an Ann Hui. In 2004, he starred in costume fairy tale "Legend of Paladin" and "New Strange Staircase"; in 2008, he participated in the national drama "Lock Qingqiu"; in 2013, he starred in "New Swordsman" Carved Walrus "played Huang Rong and get a higher degree of concern. In 2014, she plays Mrs. Wen in the drama "Live Color". In 2016 participated in the "Zhu Xian" adapted ancient costume drama "Albatron." 2017 in the TV series "That piece of the sky that piece of the sea."

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