the most beautiful time(TV)[2013]
the most beautiful time(TV)[2013]
the most beautiful time(TV)[2013]

the most beautiful time(TV)[2013]

Episode: 49 Area: inside China
Stars: Wallace Chung Nailiang Jia Chun-Ning Chang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Lizhen Zheng Leo Huang Year: 2013
Writer: In the small one Kim Yuanyuan Joe Doo Lizhen Zheng Genre: City | Emotions | Workplace
Producer: Yu Yi Cecilia Yang Wish Kay Wish Haitao

《the most beautiful time》Episodes

Su Man (Chun-Ning Chang), a foreign-owned company, met Song Yi (Jia Nailiang), a talented Tsinghua genius who had spent many years with him in a HD blindfold. In order to close Song Yi, Su Man did not hesitate to give up their own good future, came to the MG clerk as a clerk, began a vigorous female chase man Road. The only one who knew Su Man was Lu LiCheng (Wallace Chung) was her top boss at MG and a competitor to Song Yi. Lu LiCheng fell in love with Su Man as she started her bit by bit with each other and started to attack Su Man. Su Man did not mind Lu Li Cheng's pursuit, and still "planned" to step into Song Yi's emotional world, unexpectedly disrupted by Lu LiCheng, so Su Man regarded him as a thorn in the back. Hard work pays off, and Su Man ends up getting Song Yi's attention and confessing him on a rainy day. Lu LiCheng, who got the news, got depressed for a while and no longer appeared in front of Su Man. Song Yi traveled miles to the United States and sweetheart Su Man on a business trip. When Su Man on his business trip back home, did not expect to pick her up is Lu LiCheng. Everything turned out to be dead. Xiting Han is no longer the undisputed girl she knew, and Song Yi became a spicy boyfriend, what love is, maybe Su Man And Lu LiCheng day and night get down bit by bit, rather than Su Man on Song Yi quiet crush and waiting. The ensuing accident falls on Su Man, Song Yi, the past of Mala Tang has gradually surfaced.

Plot Summary>>

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