Legend of Paladin three(TV)[2009]
Legend of Paladin three(TV)[2009]
Legend of Paladin three(TV)[2009]

Legend of Paladin three(TV)[2009]

Episode: 37 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Ge Hu Wallace Huo Mini Yang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Kwok-Laap Lee Shengquan Liang Yufen Lin Chun-Man Wong Year: 2009
Writer: William Chan Yan Hongyu C.C Wu ChunJi Chi Saan Dang Genre: Costumes | Love | Xian xia | Fantasy
Producer: Karen Tsai

《Legend of Paladin three》Episodes

"Legend of Sword" starring Dingzhuang "Legend of Paladin 3" took place in the "Legend of Sword" the first generation of fifty years ago, at that time, Lee Sansi just issued a son of the first son of crying; after the witch is still a baby , While Juggernaut, you have not worship Shushan Cultivation. The cause of the sudden collapse from the top of the lock demon tower, the seal was lifted, but a deeper cause and effect dates back to the spiritual world a thousand years ago. General Fei Peng and General Magic Lou, who have been fighting the clashes between the two communities for so long, have always had a hard time catching the odds. Both of them have gradually become sympathetic to each other. Zhong Lou proposed to duel with Fei Peng in a new realm he discovered, and afterwards, Fei Peng was hesitant to obstruct the realm of heaven and finally he could not afford to be tempted by Zhong Lou. The two were evenly matched and their long run protracted, eventually aroused the court of heaven. Tian Di sent troops to capture Fei Peng's guilty plea. Fei Peng was defeated by feeling that the pursuit of a soldier was going and the sword was knocked down by Zhong Lou. Time flies, Fei Peng was demon world derogatory demoted to the world, after many reincarnations as Yutian Tangmen new Anji pawn Jing Tian, ​​eager to become heroes of Shushan. At the same time, Zhong Lou peeked into the world from the Devil's realm and found Fei Peng's reincarnation so humble that she disturbed Shushan and destroyed the demon tower. She got Fei Peng's sword, cast by Long Yang, the best man in the world. Jing Tian met Miss Tang Men's Hsuehchien, and Zhong Lou also found Jing Tian, ​​challenging him and giving him the Jing Tian, ​​and Jing Tian changed her life. Initially involved in the internal struggles of the Hsuehchien family and the battle between Tang Men and Perak Tong, and later encountered Shushan Chang disciple and his fiancee Zi Xuan, the ghost that has been hidden in the Shadowbane also incarnate, unexpectedly Is Jing Tian's predecessor Long Yang's younger sister Long Kui embarked on assisting Shushan find Wulingzhu, seal lock demon tower of the long journey. In the process, all people supported each other and shared difficulties. After years of hardships, they finally won Wulingzhu, defeating Xie JianXian and safeguarding peace on earth.

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