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  • Gemini
  • 180
  • 6-13
  • Ancient Egypt
Joshua Dov, graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. Mainland actor. In 2015, March starring Hu Hanqing directed idol drama "School Raiders", as a male star European star. In 2016, he participated in the drama "Three Sisters and Ten Mile Peach Blossoms" directed by Yang Yufen and Zhao Youting in February. August, starring Xu Jinliang directed director Jiang Jinfu, Yuan Bingyan starring TV series "Back to the Ming Dynasty when the prince Yang Ling Biography", played the opposite of one spring. In May 2017, he participated in the online play "Chih-Chi" starring Lee Sze-Lin and Yang An Qi and played the role of Yue-Yue. In the same month, he participated in the costume drama "Datang Magic Theft" starring Wu You and Chen Xi-gun, Lushan. In July, starring Ben Wang, Lin Yun, Song Wei Long, Peter Ho starring pure beauty love drama "Bana", in the play as a comeback Jinling Ben. In August, starred in the director, Zhang Xueying, starring Qin Junjie urban idol drama "Summer of Bubbles", in the play as the partner of David Europe David.

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