Ice and fire youth(TV)[2015]
Ice and fire youth(TV)[2015]
Ice and fire youth(TV)[2015]

Ice and fire youth(TV)[2015]

Episode: 48 Area: China
Stars: Nailiang Jia Yinger Chun Du More>> Language:
Director: Jingcheng Pan Year: 2015
Writer: Zhenhua Liang Genre: Urban youth drama
Producer: Zhenhua Liang

《Ice and fire youth》Episodes

In 1998, at the outbreak of the financial crisis, Jiang ZhangEn, who was in charge of Kangrong Enterprises, took the opportunity to acquire Gao Enterprises, resulting in Gao Qi Liang, the helm of Gao Enterprises. Fifteen years later, son of Gao Qi Liang, who was renamed Luo Hao, sneaked into Kangrong. The son of Jiang ZhangEn Jiang Yan suffered one after another in prison, Jiang bankruptcy, the reality of his mother fell ill, overnight fell into the fate of the ice cave, had to enter Hong Rong Securities, from the grassroots stock brokers start. For the first time, Jiang Yan, who had run across the wall, experienced the pain of warmth and growth. On the surface of the cold, heart-kind Xia Bing gave Jiang Yan Yan in the face of adversity help, the two hearts getting closer and closer. At this time, Jiang Yan's friends are also experiencing brilliant but realistic youth, divisions and combinations, robbery experienced, experienced a crisis of life and death, a natural disaster, finally understand the meaning of life, know how to cherish the immediate happiness . Jiang Yan and Xia Bing renewed the front line, Jiang Yan and Luo Hao also smiled and resented. A group of young people are working together to write the most brilliant regretless memories.

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