Ice and fire youth(TV)[2015]
Ice and fire youth(TV)[2015]

《Ice and fire youth》Cast

Jiang Yan Nailiang Jia Play)

He was originally a "school grass-roots" priest, but he experienced a sudden change in his wealthy family. Despite ups and downs in his work and family, he has always maintained his optimism and perseverance and has become a workplace elite after experiencing layers of change. [8]

Nailiang Jia

Jia Nailiang (Chinese: 贾乃亮; pinyin: Jiǎ Nǎi Liàng, born April 12, 1984) is a Chinese actor. Jia graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

Xia Bing Yinger Play)

University talented Chinese students, into the workplace taste of human warmth, and Jiang Yan began a period of unreasonable looting, and her brother Luo Hao also never recognize the recognition to brotherhood.


Ying Er, born December 12, 1988 in Changde, Hunan Province, is an actress and singer in mainland China and graduated from the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama. 2007 debut in the first personal drama "itch of marriage," which officially debut. In 2011 with urban emotional drama "Qianshan twilight snow" won Sohu winter TV series "best newcomer" award. In 2012, he was awarded the Best New Actress Award by Huading with his youth inspirational idol drama "Spring of Xiao Ju". In the same year, Shanghai Tang Film Co., Ltd. was signed. In 2013, she starred in the urban idol drama "Wonderful Spring Fall" and played the role of female first Tan Miu Miao. In 2014 she starred in the romance "Who says we do not love"; in the same year she plays Huo Xiu Xiu in the suspense drama Tomb Notes. In 2015 starring the city emotional drama "Top 100 Jackie Chan"; In the same year participated in the costume drama "Which 吒 and Yang 戬." 2016 starring metropolitan war drama "love switch", drama "Shook Peach", urban drama "a red dust" and costume play "Gu Jianqi Tan 2". In 2017, starring urban youth inspirational drama "best arrangement."

Luo Hao Chun Du Play)

The returnees financial man, is also a belly black version of warm men, and Jiang Yan have family grudges, because the family history was forced to afford the mission of revenge, so the feelings will not let go love, only to make myself very repressed restraint .

Chun Du

Du Chun, born in Baoding, Hebei Province on May 22, 1981, is an actor in the Mainland of China. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in performance. In 2005, director Hu Mei directed the historical drama "Han Wu Da Di", began to enter the showbiz. In 2007 the protagonist of the cinema dragoon "hero"; with "51st station" won the Southern Film Festival "best actor award of the year." In 2009 in the TV series "Go West" as a man Tian Qing, with an average audience rating of 9.60% hit a set since 2002, the opening of CCTV viewing record. In 2010 won the third Huading Award "China's best performance cutting-edge actor" award. In 2011 with the TV series "ancient and modern war Qin Terracotta Warriors" won the Big Ben award of the Golden Unicorn Award "most admired actor" award; with "adolescence hit the menopause," won the 2011 China University Students Festival most " College student favorite actor "award. 2012 starring Zhao Baogang's "Beijing Youth." 2013 debut CCTV Spring Festival Gala singing "my song." Published in 2015 book "Du Chun: calmly do yourself", starring in the same year drama "Cloud of Love in the Han", as the actor Meng Jue. In the same year starring Liu Jin directed urban emotional drama "Wife is 80", in 2016 starring Cheng Er directed the movie "The Death of the Romance"; starring Liu Liu screenwriter of the urban emotional drama "women are not powerful," in the play Lv Fangcheng played a corner. 2016 once again boarded the CCTV Spring Festival Gala dance "in your great arms."

Lin XiaoLong

Xia Bing, a good friend, was asked to break up because her boyfriend did not have a house and waver between college boyfriend Xiao YiFei and overbearing president Li KeHan. [12]


No introduction

More《Ice and fire youth》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Naijin Xiong Cong Hui Independent personality, intelligent and capable, intellectual return of the returnees, in the highly competitive, beggarly finances of the financial sector find their place.
Bo Peng Xiao YiFei Jiang Yan classmates, nibbling funny comic than his team-mate, passionate, generous, treasured to his girlfriend, whenever a girlfriend, he is obedient, with care.
Hang Dai Su Ke Jiang Yan classmate, has always had a deep love for Xia Bing.
Ninglin Du Lei Ying No introduction
Yuxuan Li Li KeHan Jiang Yan's big clients, like Lin XiaoLong, become enemies with Xiao YiFei. [15]
Yanmin Zhao Jiang ZhangEn No introduction
Zhong Wei Zhao Pan YongCheng No introduction
(None) Xia NaiNai No introduction
Liu Xiaorong Ma DongMei No introduction
Zhonghua Yao Meng Jie No introduction
Lee Ency Du Juan No introduction
Mei Ling Jin Pu EnXi No introduction
Qing Miao Gong Bo No introduction
Yueli Yue Gao QiLiang No introduction
Qianqian Wu Xu PeiHua No introduction
Hong Yue Hao XiangJu No introduction
Chunrong Dai Li KeHanMuQin No introduction
Hui Shiu-hung Xiao YiFeiFuQin No introduction
Kingdom Yuen Xiao YiFeiMuQin No introduction
Lianhai Ji Chen XiaoZhang No introduction
Hucheng Wang Gu Lao No introduction
(None) Pu DongJun No introduction
(None) Han MinChu No introduction
(None) Liu ChengXian No introduction
(None) Pu MiShu No introduction
Kyle Li Ran No introduction

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