Battle the swallow the door(TV)[2013]
Battle the swallow the door(TV)[2013]
Battle the swallow the door(TV)[2013]

Battle the swallow the door(TV)[2013]

Episode: 42 Area: China
Stars: Shuo Yang Mengmeng Liu Zhen Yu More>> Language:
Director: Fei Wang Jianyong Guo Year: 2013
Genre: Modern | Martial arts | Legend
Producer: sweet

《Battle the swallow the door》Episodes

Decisive swallows door During the Republic of China, Jinan city warlord melee. Juvenile Li San for the protection of childhood sweetheart Dong FangYu, a knife hacked Chu CityJiu. Brother Chu TianBa collaborates with Chen Yu, deputy director of the police department, and cuts Li Yi into a serious wound first, then fraudulently charges Lee into jail. In the prison, Li San was bullied by Hei Jin, a prison inmate. But at the same time, he made acquaintances with fellow inmates Ma Lian, Xiao Qi and Yunyan Yunfei. Li Yunfei taught him all his life. The secrets of Li Yunfei's possession of the treasure was known to Hei Jin. He tortured Li Yunfei and killed him again. Li San bitter martial arts, hand edge Hei Jin. Dong FangYu's brother, Dong FangBai, was once a thief in the Quartet and founded the Swallows Gate in Peiping. I heard sister was scourged, so back to Jinan, and Li San rescued from prison. Flee to Peiping Road, the two met Ma Xiaowan. Later, Dong FangYu along with Fang JunSheng also on Peking. A battle between the swallow door led by Dong Fang Bai and the Thousand-handed Gate founded by the traitor Avalokitesvara attracted the attention of Yan Shuzhang, the Peiping Police Department, and the Japanese, Gong Ben. Lee San chancellor to find all the people are looking for Jinan City defense map. Dong FangBai died, Lee took Dong FangYu and Ma Xiaowan back to Jinan. On the road, encountered a rock and thief and other mountain thieves, stone shaking to report the grace of Dong FangYu, also Qin Li martial arts, they vote under Lee San. Li Sam dive into the police to retrieve intelligence, search to treasure clues. Chen Yu collaborates with Japanese people and the warlord Ma DaShuai serves banquets to Japanese people. This leads to a play in which Xiao Wan and Li San married. Lee San found the snuff bottle, the treasure of which was vital, at Ma DaShuai's home. But there is nothing to find the treasure. In order to allow the Northern Expeditionary Army to smoothly enter Jinan City, Li San and others blew up the Ma DaShuai arsenal. The commander of the battle was Fang JunSheng, but the Northern Expedition was withdrawn from Jinan because of the order of the peak. The Japanese were even more arrogant in Jinan, triggering a tragedy in Jinan. The reconstruction of the swallows door by Lee San and the surrender of Chen Yu to the arms of the Lee 3 Japanese Army have made the arms smuggled and smuggled by Ma DaShuai. Japanese envoy Kimura to Jinan treasure hunt, but was killed by Lee. Chen Yu found the treasure from the information left by Kikimura's body, but was killed by Watanabe. Unluckily, Lee Sanduo was arrested by Watanabe. When the public execution of Lee San-san was aroused the protests of people in the entire city. People to save Li San, follow Dong FangYu, Fang JunSheng et al. And the Japanese battle.

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