Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]
Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]

《Jiqing ranshao de suiyue》Episodes

《Jiqing ranshao de suiyue》Ep16:Episode 16

At one time, Shi Jing was attacked by prisoners during the trial of murderers. Fortunately, an onlookers rushed to rescue her and said that she was an impassioned judge such as an embroidered pillow and sooner or later she was allowed to run under her eyes . Angry angrily, looking for a way to Interpol team to learn capture surgery. Here she accidentally saw the bystander, and knew he was called Cheng DongQuan, is an Interpol born police, he often come here to fitness and counseling catch fight. Cheng DongQuan saw Shi Jing to learn to catch the fight, feel both unexpected and funny, could not help but come to counseling her. While she counseled cursing her stupid, Shi Jing was very angry. Cheng DongQuan said that this is a double exercise of the mind and the body and can not stand it. Shi Lin's daughter-in-law is going to have children. He sent a letter to invite his parents to Kunming. His father abandoned his son did not clearly state to go, Pro on the train and change the dead not go. When I saw a picture of the son and grandson brought back by Chu Qin, my father pretended only to miss her grandson, but he longs for reconciliation with his eldest son with tears in his eyes.

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