Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]
Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]

《Jiqing ranshao de suiyue》Episodes

《Jiqing ranshao de suiyue》Ep1:episode 1

One day in the summer of 1950, his father, a leader, rode his horse with his head high. As the People's Liberation Army troops into the city walked along the avenue in the middle of Dongliao Town, his eyes were suddenly attracted by Chu Qin in the roadside yangko team It's From the age of thirteen to join the army today, he has been with the bullets and gunslinger, today face Qin Qin lively dance and smile, his father's ears a thunderous sound, he was hit by love. My father was 36 years old this year. After entering the city, a large number of military personnel who, like their fathers had missed their youth in war, organized a spectacular party based on this fact so that a pair of men and women who knew each other would not be familiar with each other in the dance music Get acquainted, slowly understand, until embarked on the wedding hall. His father saw Chu Qin accidentally during the party and his father did not let go of Chu Qin for more than two hours during the celebration. He introduced himself to her endlessly. Chu Qin did not answer his father Ask a question Just after the party was over, Chu Qin flew from her father likewise. My father quickly figured out that Chu Qin is an actor in the military arts troupe. In the days to come, his father often appeared in the parade rehearsal field with guard Xiao WuZi. Chu Qin was not staring at it with a calm look, as though he had never seen him before. His father did not care about his foot on the chair Xiao XiaoZi moved him for, shaking his whip in his hand and concentrating on watching infatuatedly watching Chu Qin sing or dance. One day his father sent Xiao WuZi Chu Qin to eat, Chu Qin flatly refused. Xiao WuZi never did her job as a messenger to her, and Chu Qin waved her a slap in the face of Xiao WuZi.

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