Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]
Jiqing ranshao de suiyue(TV)[2002]

《Jiqing ranshao de suiyue》Episodes

《Jiqing ranshao de suiyue》Ep11:Episode 11

When his father talked to Shi Lin, the two collapsed, and his father accused Shi Lin of being unfaithful to his son and predicted that he would be a deserter if he was not a traitor in a war. Shi Lin replies to him, I do not think too shameful to say that I am your son, I have long wanted to give you a son. When his father was furious, he pulled Shi Lin to the boundary of the front of the monument and tried his best to bend his leg. Shi Lin jumped on his knees. My father gnashly said that you can not be my son, but you still have to defend the motherland's Chinese soldiers! Late at night, Lin got up from his bed and went to the playground to cry for a moment, giving himself a few slaps. Then jump over the barrier. He leaped back and forth insanely, until it was washed with water. Shi Lin and his father more energetic, his father said what he would become, he would not be partial. He put his body's reverse spirit to play most vividly. Ban Zhang criticized him for exercising regularly in order to recuperate him. Said he was afraid of suffering tired, if the war really catch up with ice climbing snow how to do? Shi Lin stood up one before flew to the icy water puddle, then stood up and asked Ban Zhang where to go. Ban Zhang hurriedly pulled him back to the dormitory for roasting fire. Shi Lin fed pigs in the army, had a meal, and others did not finish the task. He forced himself to finish it. Challenge yourself to the limit

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