The new strange stories(TV)[2005]
The new strange stories(TV)[2005]
The new strange stories(TV)[2005]

The new strange stories(TV)[2005]

Episode: 36 Area: China
Stars: Kwong Wa Li Zeng Joy Yi-Chun Pan More>> Language:
Director: Jinyuan Wu Leo Huang Hon To Wai Year: 2005
Writer: Jian Ping Tang Genre: Love | Story | Suspense
Producer: Karen Tsai

《The new strange stories》Episodes

The Strange Tales of Liao Zhai consists of the six most representative stories, including "Xiao Cui", "Lu Xiu", "Xiao Xie" and "Qiu Rong" and "Xiaoqian" of Qiu Rong, each with different characteristics and styles . Lu Pan replaced the storm, the scholar told the world to celestial officials, for justice. Xiao Ke, played by Ke Hu and Bai Yang, a scholar and doctor practicing Xiaoming Huang, started a series of life and death love. Even if Xiao Man died and became a ghost, Bai Yang also pursued into the prefectural government to meet with him. Painted Skin This is a story about the revenge of ghosts: Mei SanNiang and Chen ChuHui were killed by their beloved. On the evening of the marriage of her husband Wang AnXu and Ming XiaGongZhu, they became ghosts and came to life. Xiao Cui Ling fox gratitude, playfulness to defuse the crisis, crazy children, make laughter every day. The mother of Xiao Cui, a fox girl, repayed a benefactor Wang YuanZhi and married Xiao Cui with Wang YuanZhi, a silly boy, and a silly son, Wang YuanFeng, to deduce a funny and playful story. A Bao sincerely, stone open. About infatuated celebrities Sun ZiChu (Yuan Hong (actor) ornaments) A Bao (Rainie Yang ornaments), the embodiment of the spirit bird to convey love, finally got his wish. Sun ZiChu, a veterinarian with six fingers in her left hand, treated Miss Zhao's A Bao's parrot and fell in love with A Bao at first sight. A Bao refused to petite Chai ShaoAn's relatives, evil looking for someone to A Bao curse so that it was "amnesia", depending on Chu as a stranger. Zi Chu touched A Bao with his true feelings every day, but was killed. A Bao died in love and Yan Wang let them return to earth. The final son Chu test to fame, a lover eventually get married. Xiao Xie Scholar Yong Chuang haunted house, coincidentally encountered two mischievous ghosts, experienced many life and death difficulties, took a romantic love story: TAE scholar Tao WangSan lived in a haunted house, met Huo Siyan Qiu Rong Hong Kong actor Leila Tong Xiao Xie and other gangs of ghosts, after a few frightened but they became friends. These ghosts helped Tao WangSan defeat the literary champion at the petitioning ceremony. Seeing Tao WangSan can marry Miss Fu, Xiao Xie fell in love with Tao WangSan. Xiaoqian takes you into a fantastic world and experiences a memorable love story: Nie XiaoQian wants to seduce Ning CaiChen's soul and unconsciously becomes a prisoner of love, but the Millennium Tree demon will not let them easily escape.

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