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Nineteen generations of ancestors (Movie)[2018]

Feature: The ancestors of the nineteen generations are starred by Guo Degang, starring Yunpeng Yue, Wu Jing (actor), Wu Xiubo, Jing Boran, Lin Chi-ling and Wang Baoqiang and are scheduled to be released on February 16, 2018 . Bei XiaoBei (Yunpeng Yue), determined to become a writer, has repeatedly hit the wall due to the appearance of reasons and later inadvertently found a long-awaited genealogy. He accidentally crosses all ages to meet his ancestors and laughter and personally deploy his own genes

mid night canteen (TV)[2016]

Feature: This is a special canteen open from midnight to seven in the morning. Lao Ban here, not very talkative, but always let people eat tears. Here, the inferiority of the dancers encounter recess retirement for many years dance predecessors, predecessors at their own pains to inspire young people, eventually make it regain confidence; quiet girlfriends must eat their favorite food recalled Friends of the past, returned to good; optimistic patients with terminally ill met the same girl, the two love each other and give each other the strength to accompany each other perfectly through the last mile; success blind pursuit of career white-collar workers, made here Real warmhearted friend, found that the truth is more meaningful than success. The food, the story, the truth, brought together the theme of the show, taught the people to confront the pros and cons and full of hope and enthusiasm for life. Behind every story are full of affection, the plot ups and downs, it is unforgettable forgotten & nbsp ;.

CrazyNewYearsEve (Movie)[2015]

Feature: The film consists of six different styles of story, about a group of people on New Year's Eve, a series of adventures happened. On the eve of the New Year, reunion or traveling, people choose different ways to spend this moment full of sense of ritual. However, the protagonists in the play encounter various accidents during the journey, A foreign land, but also forced outfit forced "mine split". After a series of hilarious journey accidents, the answers to life are full of hope in front of them, behind the story of laughter and tears accompanied by a sincere surprise.

Where Im Coming From (Movie)[2015]

Feature: China Central Television to create the first domestic star real roots, trace the family history documentary. This is a root-seeking program, but it is not just a root-seeking program. The process of finding this answer may be more interesting than the result. Guests are real people, and the ancestors they are pursuing are people in history.

MyGeekyNerdyBuddies (Movie)[2014]

Feature: Jiang Shuying, born in Shanghai on September 1, 1986, is an actress from the Mainland of China and a graduate of the Shanghai Theater Academy. He also holds a master's degree in media economics from the University of East Anglia, UK. In 2005, appeared in the emotional drama "flying like a butterfly", which entered the showbiz. In 2007, won the Best Actress Award for the 1st Global Chinese Network Short Film Creativity Contest with the video "Love and Weight Loss". In 2009, starring in the comedy movie "Beauty" cloud "". In 2013, she was well-known for her role in the film "The Youth That Will End We Will Last", won the 8th Asian Film Awards for Best New Actor Award, the 5th British Vaughan International Chinese Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actress and many other awards. In 2014, he starred in the urban emotional drama "Servant and Master", and won the Best Supporting Actress Award for the Top 100 Chinese TV series by the 17th Huading Award. January 2015, starring inspirational drama "grow up"; August, starring urban love drama "best ex-boyfriend." April 2016, starring youth inspirational drama "Cyclone eleven"; in May, in the city emotional drama "Mr. Good" plays the daughter of a heroine Jiang Lai corner, with the play won the Fantastic Art Night scream of the year Screen Performance Award. April 2017, to participate in the reality show "flowers and adolescent third season" premiere; June, starring emotional drama "all the way to send flowers."

TheKillerWhoNeverKills (Movie)[2011]

Feature: In the face of death, whether every life, there should be a second chance? Ou YangPenZai is the only killer killer killer, but also the legendary "Pian Shen" the only certified pass disciples. He is convinced that every life should have a second chance. He called upon top players from all fields to form a "rebirth group" and use the magical tricks to create the "suspended animation" of the target of being killed and to muddle through again and again. Hotel Miss Li fell ill, within three years was twice brutal criminals Leng MianFu boss issued a "seven killings" order. Despite the hardships, Ouyang Penzai was "born again" twice. After a thrilling rebirth of the task, Ouyang gradually found that behind the frivolous nature of small Li quite careless, hidden many deep sadness and helplessness. Ignoring the millennium is not easy to kill the law, Ouyang fell in love with the case target Xiaoli. Addicted to the sweet and happy love, Ouyang Mengsheng implicit meaning. The most hated Leng MianFu was deceived at this time found Ouyang let Xiaoli rebirth of the trick, the two sent to the previous generation of unhealthy criminals killings. Trickery murder, turning Ouyang life, this time, for him everywhere trapped in the murderous unprecedented danger. Then clever tricks, can fool the death of it, Ouyang believe "every life should have a second chance," but Master also solemnly warned him that "everything has its cost," Ouyang what price to pay? And fate comparison, or, everything is he and rebirth of the group carefully planned century fraud.

FatedtoLoveYou (TV)[2008]

Feature: In this city, there is a love story of "sticking and sticking to ..." The story of "Fate I Love You" starts with a genre of girls based in Asia. This girl, called the "sticker girl." She, simple, simple and secure, small in desire, has never been a "Somebody" and does not expect to become a "Somebody." They are small, but essential, like a handy tear-paste, modest or unusual, but you must have her around! A trip to the "luxury cruise", so that an ordinary girl hit the history of the most extraordinary ... ... Xinyi she was very afraid of others do not like myself, so she has been very hard to be good to others, as long as Someone gave her a little bit of response, and she would easily like each other. Everyone called her to stick the girl, because when someone needed her it could be torn off and littered when not needed. But she is a very emotional fool, personality is not strong enough to make her determined when often soft-hearted, one day in order to restore boyfriend Gu Chi, spent a lot of travel on the boat of love, did not expect a wrong place to go wrong, After waking up, she was shocked to find out that she had a one-night stand with a stranger. She also found her boyfriend Gu Chi stealing food and getting rich widows to leave her leaving her as a bolt-on strike. A month later, when she saw the results of a pregnancy test, she regretted not jumping off the boat. A 25-year-old law firm staff, for a bad boyfriend, 200,000 in debt, but also pregnant with an unknown child, is simply the most ironic jokes all over the world. She asked the company for a week off and was ready to return to her hometown of "Ginger Island" and think about what to do. That day stranger named Ji CunXi bed, he is the dream of all girls Prince Charming, golden handsome, young talent, when he met the ordinary office girl Chen XinYi, I do not know the beginning of trouble, or the happy start . Because Ji Ji's genetic disease, each generation of male-type micro, since nine generations of single biography. This makes the eldest family pearl grandmother sleep every day is not stable, afraid of such a little bit of incense accidentally broken! Grandma wholeheartedly hope that grandson Ji CunXi and other businesses can be as small, mercy around. But this grandchildren are clean themselves love. One day, my grandmother inadvertently found Xinyi cherished the child surviving, perhaps the ancestral blessing of Ji family, did not think God actually gave her a 'little gold great-grandchildren', let Grandma say what should be preserved Xin Yi married door. So when she was driving a crane to the west, there were faces facing the disciples' ancestors. So my grandmother wanted to fight Hsieh three years of girlfriend broke the news to blackmail, want to save Xixi Xinyi, was "cheating" and had to marry Xinyi wish to complete my grandmother's life. However, Hideo discovered that he did not want to face the fact of marriage, and that he could not decide whether to flee or courage to bear the consequences. Suddenly, they found that they had to start dating love at the request of her grandmother.In fact, there is a Greek surviving Greek ballerina girlfriend Anna for three years, many romantic proposals during the Anna Anna deposit for a touch of soft nails, but the deposit has always been waiting silently, waiting for Anna willing to put aside all his promise . Anna is not married to the cause, but at this time he was unexpectedly pleased to Xin Yi pregnancy, but fortunately Anna tour performance abroad so that Cushing can hide the Oolong incident. However, Xiyi concealed her grandmother, and Xin Yi signed a prenuptial agreement that contains two children will be divorced, Yoshitoshi promise to give Xinyi a sum of money and then pat the ass each owe, Xinyi in order to The future of the child in the future, after careful consideration also agreed. The wishful memory of Hussein is that when Xinyi gave birth to her child, Anna returned to tour the tour, and his contractual relationship with Xin Yi just expired, and Anna can be the front line. Guangdong fans meet without knowing Xin Yi moved into deposit Greek home, began to learn and survive, two strangers never adapt to the habit of each other's existence, is a very subtle evolution, originally thought to just live under one roof However, because of the trivialities of many lives, Xinyi moved into the depositor's bedroom at the request of her grandmother and saved her to move to the guest room by the excuse, but found she did not like to sleep alone Lonely, three nights in the middle of the night will always return to the original room, as time goes by, there is a person beside him seems to be kind of used to it. Do not like to go home to eat the deposit also began to go home to eat, vowed not to help save anything, but also began to buy baby room wallpaper, children's toys. In the thought that this is the so-called happiness, has been neglected to hide the unexploded Anna appeared, save the hope he had no clear relationship with Anna hurt Xin Yi, leaving only a divorce agreement disappear No, I thought this is the end of the best period, did not expect Xinyi as early as unconsciously occupy his heart, he vowed that if he let him find Xin Yi, he must regain Xin Yi, no longer Is the appearance of the mom of the child's father to the child, but based on the attitude of a man to a woman ......

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