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Anlian Yao

Anlian Yao


  • Male
  • Virgo
  • 175
  • 1957-08-25
  • Shanghai, China
Anlian Yao, born in Shanghai, mainland China actor. In 1998, Anlian Yao played Ji Ruodong in Life Without Flashes, and by virtue of this drama, he became famous and entered the audience's field of vision. Subsequently, she was familiarized and loved by viewers due to the part of Stewart in "Pink Girl". As an old artist, he starred in many different types of works, including "51st station" and "special mission" which opened the splendid spy drama. Anlian Yao gave the impression of being mostly positive, but starred in many villain roles, such as a cold gift from "Invisible Generals", Liu Wenxuan from Brotherhood, Mo Ming from "Red Carnation," Jiang Sister "in Xu Pengju," Honor "Sang Zhenkui, etc., which numerous negative images let the audience shouted unexpectedly, but also demonstrated his different side. Among them, "honor" is won the first year of Central Television ratings champion, showing its influence in the hearts of the audience. In terms of awards, the movie "Green Red", starred in 2005, won the jury prize at the Cannes International Film Festival. Although Anlian Yao missed his best actor, he still has a lot to do with his 2007 film "The Red Corbin "Won the best film award at the Greek Sassarii Film Festival. And in 2014, Anlian Yao won the 38th Montreal International Film Festival best actor with the movie "boss", indeed deserved. Anlian Yao is still busy this year, starred in "Small House and Dongfeng" last night, and the movie "Into the Imperial City," Jiang Chun, but joined the Chinese version of "late night canteen" and "Huangpu River bells," and In the recent filming of the TV drama "Moonlight in the City."

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