Moana's "Successful Hand Covering the Sky" is on the line for the love conspiracy.

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Moana's " Stop the Sky " is on the line.

On July 2nd, a number of media outlets such as Pengu Film, Tencent Pictures, and Whale Image jointly produced, director Min Yu , Chen Zihan , and Moana's super-network drama " Summer Cover " was officially aired. In the play, Moana plays a female sister-in-law who is infatuated and chased by love. It is different from the image of the past, which will make the audience shine.

Moana tries the reverse character for the first time and loves Moraynia Liu Danny Dun

The "Successful Hand Covering the Sky" combines various elements such as the family's righteousness, the children's sentiment, and the tactics of the martial arts. It mainly tells the story of the phoenix country supported by the phoenix skeleton, and the disaster is coming, the country is broken, and the country is The story of how the three princesses spent the disaster and made great efforts. Moana's "Sister" is an indispensable figure in the play. She is the daughter of the general, with the pride and arrogance of the nobility, her straightforward character, and indulging in the love lies of the beloved Su Gu (Danny Dun). As for the beginning of the first encounter, it is incompatible with Sang Ruo (Moraynia Liu). The trivial things in the plot will be the main battlefield of sparks, and the road to the revenge of Su Gu will help them to climb the throne. The story of the three princesses also began. And the "sister" played by Moana is caught in the muddy mud of destiny... What challenges will the sister's love road encounter? Is this complicated emotional conspiracy win or lose?

The poster reveals the "eye" technique, attracting netizens to admire the likes of Mini Yang.

In "The Hand Covering the Sky", Moana's sister-in-law has been chasing for love, in order to obtain the favorite plan of Su Gu. In the episode of the broadcast, we can see that although the sister-in-law is pretty and beautiful, her temperament is exposed. Compared with Sangruo, she does not know what to give. "Sister-in-law" has also become a strong flavoring agent in "Successful Hand Covering the Sky", giving the audience a plot conflict and constantly refreshing the netizens' perception of the female characters in the play. In the latest exposure of the poster, Moana is full of beautiful and colorful, and the wonderful multi-faceted "eye" technique can only be conveyed through stills. Many netizens are amazed: "It looks like " Swinging " Mini Yang."

It is understood that Moana has been working continuously in recent years, and has appeared in the Yu Zheng version of "The Condor Heroes", "Predecessor 2: Counterfeit Warfare", " Because Love is happy ", " Kainfeng Qi Tan ", " Odd Star Record" Many of the film and television works, such as the "new clothes angry young boy " and the drama "Where is the demon", are very popular among netizens because of their sweet and naughty appearance. In addition, Moana has been involved in the filming of the new work "Hualei Three Kingdoms", new types, new roles, Moana has been constantly enriching herself, expecting her more performance.

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