Moana's "Hands Covering the Sky" Fire Breaking 100 Million Funny Expressions from Black

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Produced by a number of media outlets such as Penguin Film, Tencent Pictures, and Whale Image, director Min Yu and Chen Zihan, and Moana ’s super-network drama “ Shou ’s Covering the Sky” is being broadcast, and the number of hits on the line is easy to break 100 million. "High-heeled shoes, lipstick" has also become a hot topic in the whole network discussion. It is worth mentioning that Moana plays the role of "sister", and since its launch, it has been praised by many netizens for its arrogant and charming personality.

The sisters fall into the vortex of emotions and power. Strength shows control over the role.

In this time, in the "Successful Hand Covering the Sky", Moana's female sister-in-law of the generals met Su Gu, the son of the ruined country, and she loved her lover deeply. She was immersed in the love lie and couldn't help herself. An uncontrollable emotional entanglement, so far sisters and Su Gu, Sang Ruo's love have embarked on a road of no return. For Moana, the "sister" in "Successful" is a new leap. Playing such an unsuccessful character can only be based on the actor's own experience and play. Fortunately, Moana is able to accurately express the "cute" and "hateful" roles of the girl's role through freely acting, familiar, familiar? Perhaps in the world of feelings, there is never an established answer. At the same time, the delicate and fascinating and affectionate sisters also let the netizens of the followers express their hearts and minds, and they all said: "I hope Su Gu is good to my sister."

Moana let go of self-black addiction

Since the launch of the "Shands Covered Sky" on July 2, with the high-face value starring in the abuse of love, all the way to the curtain body, in the trend of IP contemporary, ran out of their own "wild road", online hits a week Breaking 100 million is a good result. The "Supreme Hand Covering the Sky" plot does not take the usual path, the feeling of the high-heeled lipstick anger brush, the network hot discussion is high. Moana's sister-in-law has also become a member of the luxury emoticon package. "The maiden's glare", "the sister-in-law is never admit defeated", "a Mai Li Su, light the small universe" and other funny pictures have been collected by netizens. Many netizens saw it after saying: "Dream Joe, you have successfully attracted my attention and become my expression pack!" It is reported that Moana in life often publishes "self-black" expression packs on personal Weibo. The video, also interacting with friends, is too eye-catching, and the black charm makes people want to stop.

At present, "Successful Hand Covering the Sky" is being broadcasted by Tencent. It is updated every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 12 noon. It is wonderful and always accompany you for a summer.

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