The end of the tv series' no hands covering the sky

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Star connection news: recently, Min Yu The director, Chen Zihan Production, Moana Super Internet drama Element hands day "Is officially coming to an end. Since its inception, the show has led the way and become a dark horse on the hot summer network. As of today, the network broadcast has reached 430 million.Moanaplays the daughter of the general, "sister yun", who clearly loves and hates. In order to protect her, the audience was moved to tears by her brave dedication at the critical moment, and her acting skills became the focus of heated discussion.

Characters before and after the role contrast greatly & NBSP; & have spent Variety brings new surprise & NBSP; & have spent

In plain hands, sister yun of "imperial concubine of tsundere" is the key person who connects the whole drama, influencing the "enemy cp" of sanuo and sugu, and contracting the whole drama. She is a dedicated girl who pursues her love boldly and also a hot girl who is crazy in love. Her sister is usually tall and cold and has a sharp tongue, but before sugu she is always a bird in human shape with soft voice and soft voice, which makes her very attractive. Although she was hostile to her father because of love at the early stage, she began to change her attitude towards her father after she saved her father. In the end, she gave herself up to save her life and showed her kindness.

The tragic ending made netizens very sad. & have spent Surging popularity

Moana deduction gives the role more possibilities, "sister non-success" first chasing love desperate courage, also has obtained the love overflow screen when small really hope, and love cute little means very carefully, and ultimately brave dedication to save rival mulberry them corners of the mouth's that wipe with grief that smile, all your sister non-success this role more real full, your heartstrings. The double onlineMoanaof appearance and acting also triggered a pick upsurge of netizens. Many viewers expressed their "reluctance to believe" in the death of sister yun, and fans' rejection of the role was undoubtedly the biggest affirmation of Moana's performance.

Moana won the praise of "small flowers in ancient costume" & NBSP; Cai Yan, the talented girl of The Three Kingdoms, will go online & take;

From the earliest "giant" generous atmosphere and the law of yan to the former strategy 2: spare tire strikes back in confused girlfriends life, and from the fresh clothes NuMa young of qixing remember waiting lover Zhou Xiaocai until now in the plain cover day grace bullying younger sister non-success,Moanaon screen as we left a personality is distinct female characters. Most of his works are costume dramas, which are very attractive and popular among the audience, and many netizens have given the name "little flowers in ancient costume". In addition, two costume dramas starring Moana, The Three Kingdoms and Na Zha drop demon remember "Will meet in the near future and the audience, it is understood that the recent hot shot" hu lai in The Three Kingdoms, "Moana strive for accurate interpretation Cai Cai Yan, one month before boot, then find a large amount of historical data to get familiar with the role of Cai Cai Yan, because the lines are all writings in classical style, soMoanaafter shooting into the group, also put a lot of effort in terms of writings in classical style.

There's a lot going on. I believeMoanawill bring us a different surprise, which is worth waiting for! & have spent

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