The best arrangement' is coming out tonight! Ying Er Fu Xinbo Long Ending Violence Will Open

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Tonight, the best arrangement of urban workplace emotional drama starring Ying Er , Fu Xinbo , David Wang , Ying Li and other starred actors, gold screenwriter Bing Xu surgeon and famous director Li Xiaoping officially landed on Shandong Satellite TV . The long awaited heartbreak plot is about to surface. Ying Er and Fu Xinbo meet again after three years, crushing the hearts of the people and opening a new era of psychological abuse.

As Ying Xin couple's first couple fit together, since the file after the constant topic. Unlike previous "sweet and sweet" emotional drama routines, the three-year hard-fought reunion at the beginning of Ying Er and Xu Xin (Fu Xinbo) staged an apparent love but no matchmaking. From the exposure of the stills, more authentic and fresh old town, Ying Er kisses Fu Xinbo, they smirk their promises, a good time quiet. Why two people before and after the change so much, what happened during the three years, leaving a suspense, wait tonight announced the gold satellite file Shandong.

From the current public photos, the drama produced well, full acting on the line around the workplace, Zhao Zaihui white-collar workers to start the story, both magnificent and fascinating, I believe we will not let off after the start!

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