Deer's mind'' reveals hand-held welfare Zhang Yishan''s will be very beautiful

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Once Kai Wang relied on a pair of beautiful hands, and while waiting for the opening of the new version of “ Ludingji ”, the net exposed the hands of Zhang Yishan , Zi Yang , Qin Li , Yi Xin Tang , Rachel Momo , Wu Ta-You , Raquel , Bai Baihe . According to the welfare photos, in the shot, Zhang Yishan put one hand in one hand to cover the forehead, and the joints are clearly defined. The slender hand of Bai Bai is very embarrassing, and the seven beautiful hands are also exquisite and beautiful.

Netizens praise this is the piano player

It is reported that the new edition of “Ludingji” is already under preparation. At that time, the main lineup will be announced one after another. At present, the net exposure actor Wei Xiaobao will be played by Zhang Yishan and Wei Xiaobao’s seven wives will be played by Zi Yang as Auntie and Qin Li as Fang Yi. Yi Xin Tang played Mu Jianpin, RachelMomo played Zeng Rou, Wu Ta-You played Jianning princess, Raquel played Su Shi, and Bai Baihe played doubles. This lineup received most of the netizen recognition and expectations once it was announced.

In the exposure of the hand-held welfare photos, Zi Yang, who plays Auntie, slaps her face in her hands, blending her tender look with her little face, and the clean and lovely little hands are also very nice; playing Qin Li’s hands though It's not particularly slender, but the hands are pretty and the fingers are pointed. This kind of hands is born to create beautiful things. The Yi Xin Tang hand that plays Mu Jianping has long section and beautiful shape. It's just like the hand is soft.荑 荑 肤 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 荑 网 网 网 网.

It was powdered by seven beautiful hands.

The hand of Rachel Momo who plays Zeng Rou is very beautiful. The fingers are uniform and slender, white and tender. They are the hands of fairies. Many netizens leave a message: RachelMomo is a good actor who looks forward to acting beautifully. The hand of the princess Wu Ta-You refers to the scallion root, exquisite and small, very pleasing. This is also a hand that can be used as a model hand, with a short, uniform, and detailed hand.

Raquel, who plays Su Shi, has long fingers and white eyes. The slim hand is charming and steals. A pair of beautiful hands is equivalent to a beautiful and splendid face, so people often say that the hand is the second face of a woman; Bai Baihe not to mention the hand, white and tender, really beautiful, as well as netizens message: not only their fingers look good, even the nails are beautiful! It is really the hands of these celebrities.

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