Ludingji (Movie)[1983]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese
Stars: Release data: 1983
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Action | Martial arts | Costume


The story is based on the search for Forty-two Chapters as the backbone of the book, Wei XiaoBao (Wong Yue), son of Wei ChunHua (Siu Yam-yam), a prostitute of Yangzhou, who met Mao ShiBa (Guan Feng) Mao ShiBa broke into the court due to the arrest of Xiao Yuyao, a conspirator of the anti-Qing dynasty. However, he failed to save his life and was therefore sent to Beijing to take refuge with Wei XiaoBao. Not long after the two went to Beijing, they were captured by the eunuch Hai DaFu (Ku Feng). Fortunately, Wei XiaoBao defaced his eyes for poisoning. Mao ShiBa got out of the way. Wei XiaoBao left the eunuch in the palace. Hai DaFu ordered him to steal forty-two chapters. During her stealing of the passage, she became friends with Emperor Kang Xi (Gordon Liu) before assisting him in capturing Ao Bai (Tien Hsiang Lung), revealing the identity of Linda Chu, Yellow Jacket; Finally, Andy returned home to the bride's mother's day, but also the Spring House to buy a gift mother ...

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