Ludingji' pure exposure Zi Yang Qing Qin Li immersed Wu Ta-You touching

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Recently, as an ancestor of the rebellious attack , the upcoming martial arts drama " Ludingji " has attracted the attention of countless netizens, a martial arts scandal , , But also inadvertently learned a powerful martial arts, and finally became the main ruling Lord of heaven and earth, the most important thing is that he married seven wives, and all beautiful flowers, which is typical: "as CEO, to marry white Fu Mei, embarked on the pinnacle of life. "

The new version of "Ludingji" exposure master pure photos

According to the net exposure, the play actor Wei Xiaobao starring Zhang Yishan by 90, and his seven wives will be played by Zi Yang Ake, Qin Li played Yi Fang, Yi Xin Tang played Mu Jian screen , RachelMomo played Zeng Rou, Wu Ta -You plays Princess Jianning, Raquel plays Su Quan, Bai Baihe plays the double role, the actor's image and the role of the play highly lead to the collective acclaim of users, this edition of "Ludingji" lineup is perfect.

In order to perfect show the new version of "Ludingji" actor image, netizens stitching a version of the latest version of Moderator Qing pure photos, restore their most primitive charm, pictures, Zhang Yishan wearing a ginger coat, wearing glasses, bow and shout as if to tell Inner joy, warm men full; and actress Zi Yang is wearing a white hollow dress, long hair, sweet smile, purity of the table.

 Ludingji 剧照

Zi Yang sweet Qin Li intoxicated Wu Ta-You moving heart

Qin Li, who plays Fang Yi, takes up his hair and wore gauzy dresses, looming as beautiful as fairy-tale people. Yi Xin Tang, who plays the Mu Jian screen, has short hair and a warm smile with the sun shining. Like the first love of his girlfriend like the heart; played once gentle RachelMomo in the light and clear eyes, wearing a sleeveless white coat is only a slight side is a picture.

Wu Ta-You, who is playing Princess Jianning, is wearing a white conjoined pants under a clean, solid background with a simple yet elegant tailoring that exposes the long, slim waist with a pure fresh smile Bring the "pollution-free" aura, the natural atmosphere of the atmosphere particularly appealing; as Suquu Raquel is also a pure and pleasant white, the United States a little foul, in fact, Raquel said 27-year-old has been playing mature, though young Both the image and temperament and Su Tsuen is quite consistent; played Bai Er, Bai Baihe Zhaotou small Maruko head, wearing a dark dress, led the girl's image vivid silver screen, really is exactly the same with the twin.

 Ludingji 剧照

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