Little Zhengda'''Fire'''' climaxes with A Home Too Far Dong Fangzhuo

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The "Little Zhengda" boutique " Fire " climaxes with A Home Too Far Dong Fangzhuo getting together.

Alternative: After the climax of the television drama "Fire", Zhao Pengcheng shot and rescued Wu Wei after seven years.

A Home Too Far set fire to the first shot of Wu Wei seven years after breaking the “Fire” incident shadow

A series of forty episodes of "Fire", starring Li Song and Li Xiaoting, are composed of Li Song's screenwriter, Li Xiaozhong's original work, A Home Too Far, Dong Fangzhuo, Blackie Ko , Yang Wang , Zhang Yilun, and Bai Naisu. Broadcasting. The play adhered to the principle of “small production, positive energy, and great feelings.” With the drama of the dangers, the exquisite and superb acting skills, and the spirit of adhering to the justice of the new era of iron police, the audience attracted many praises.

The TV series “Fire” fired “Fire” by Zhao Pengcheng (A Home Too Far) seven years ago. The accident led to the death of Master Wu Lei and the murderer’s escape. This led to the case of Yi Jian’s family visit, the White Wolf underground casino case, and the A series of hidden suspense cases such as drug trafficking cases. The full range of acting skills online, all kinds of emotional entanglement, also make the audience relish.

Wu Wei learns that "Fire" is in the mood for emotions. Zhao Pengcheng solved the knot and opened the first shot.

Zhao Pengcheng has been embezzled for seven years due to the “Fire” incident and has always had a guilty and long-distance relationship with Wu Wei (Dong Fangzhuo). In addition, Wu Wei’s confession was vehemently rejected, and the two people became more estranged and confused. After the Plum trading confession in the yacht trading case, Wu Wei accidentally learned that father Wu Lei’s dereliction of duty was related to Zhao Pengcheng’s. While restraining emotions, Zhao Pengcheng faced him. When he heard that he admitted that he was nervous, he caused Fire Fire and accidentally injured Wu Lei. When Xu Kui, the fugitive, took the opportunity to make his father’s sacrifice, Wu Wei broke into tears immediately. At the beginning of hearing rumors of overwhelmed, panic anxiety when asked about the reasons, and crying after knowing the truth, this series of exquisite emotional expressions made many viewers feel sad and shed tears.

The relationship between the two has not been eased, and the case of counterfeit trains followed. The Youth Action Team secretly chased the murderer to the abandoned warehouse. Although Wu Wei and Zhao Pengcheng had a gap, they still fought side by side in case of serious cases and maintained a professional ethic of professional police. Wu Wei bravely pursued the attack and was surrounded by mobs. He opened fire in order to deter thugs. Zhao Pengcheng heard the gunshots and was nervous. He rushed to the scene. See Wu Wei was held hostage by the mob, could not help but think of the Fire incident that year, both tragedy tragedy repeated again, but also worried about the safety of Wu Wei. In desperation, he finally shot and successfully rescued Wu Wei. The powerist A Home Too Far interprets the rich internal contradictions of the character incisively and vividly. After relief, the forehead is still sweaty and the breathing is still slightly hurried. It shows that the first shot was heavy after seven years. With a true sense of truth, the audience was placed in it, setting off a major upsurge of the show.

Yacht transaction case rushed to crack

The unpredictable grid structure of the TV series "Fire" has always been one of the reasons why viewers are passionate about chasing dramas. The scenes of many scenes show the savagery and braveness of heroes. It is even more exciting for the audience. In the case of the yacht trading involved in the Ayong drug trafficking case, one of the “Fire” fugitives received a phone call from the boss Xu Kui, waiting for a chance to escape by speedboat, and Zhao Pengcheng followed suit and staged an adrenaline rush. Speedboat chasing battle. The excitement of the scene, the thrill of the plot, has been praised by the audience: "This big scene looks good! It's a conscience quality drama!" "The Zhao team's eyes are so sharp! The handsome!"

The yacht trading case was temporarily suspended when Plum blossom fell into the water and Yusan escaped. The train piracy case kicked off with the death of owner Ah Chung. Ah Chung’s wife had no sense of sadness when she learned of her husband’s death, and the confession information was treacherous. The stolen goods brothers Qian Ming and Qian Jun have been arrested, and the missing delivery manager Xing Yue is extremely suspect. Who is the murderer? What is the reason for theft? Stay tuned!

TV series “Fire” by the Ministry of Public Security Jindun Film and Television Cultural Center, Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and TV Investment Co., Ltd., Horgos New Power Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Beijing Fengqing Mu Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing Perfect Television Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Golden days Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced the product. Every night at 19:30, Zhejiang Satellite TV's China Blue Theater was staged with blood. Youku and Iqiyi VIP members took a look at it at 22 o'clock every night. Non-members updated at 22 o'clock the next day.

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