The TV drama "Fire"'s high-burning ending Zhang Qilun's youth is sailing

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The best-selling TV drama “ Fire ” was successfully completed on June 27th. The drama was dominated by the “Fire” case. The plot was deeply and in depth, making many viewers hooked. The new generation actor Zhang Xiaolun plays the criminal police Gu Xiaotian in the play. He is proficient in high-tech investigative techniques.

Young police officer Gu Xiaotian warmly grows The Action Team is honored

The TV series "Fire" is based on the novel of the same name by the public security writer and railway policeman Li Xiaozhong. Based on reality, it focuses on the case of our contemporary railway police. Gu Xiaotian, played by Zhang Xiaolun, grew up from a non-police high school graduate in information technology and grew into a professional criminal policeman who is proficient in various high-tech investigation methods. Shuai Meng’s escaped personality characteristics left a deep impression.

Zhang Qilun mentioned in an interview that Gu Xiaotian had grown into an excellent investigation criminal policeman during the last filming of the shooting period and was honored in the conference. The deepest feeling at that time was that: as a police officer serving the people, he always shouldered responsibility. Responsibility and feel the honor.

"Gu Xiaotian" Finishes Offline Zhang Qilun's Youth Starts

It is understood that "Fire" is the first television show of Zhang Qilun, in order to interpret the role of the good drama, carefully studying the script during the filming process, do not ask the teaching experience of the previous generation. After the TV series was aired, Gu Xiaotian’s role was unanimously endorsed by everyone. Fans also graciously called him “God God” and “Gu Dazhao”.

In his life, Zhang Xiaolun is also a big boy who loves to laugh and is positive. He cherishes every opportunity for learning, and is full of motivation for performing arts. He hopes he can become a good actor recognized by the audience. "Fire" has now closed, and Gu Xiaotian is just the beginning for Zhang Jialun, and he expects him to create more outstanding characters.

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