Episode: 40 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Yi Yu Koh Fang Zhou More>> Language: Mandarin
Year: 2017
Genre: Contemporary involvement


Ten years ago, Zhao Pengcheng, a police station at Pinghai Station, encountered a suspect holding a gun while on duty. He shot a "dumb fire" while a key master, Xu Lei, shot dead criminals in front of him. And work on a heavy mental stress. Ten years later, Pinghai office duty room occurred "fire" accident. Civil affairs Liu Chang Road, taking into account the future of others decided to hide the report, but witnessed the "go fire" Zhao PengCheng is deep in the choice of emotion and reason. "Fire" incident was reported, triggering interpersonal disputes Pinghai. When handling the case, Zhao PengCheng and Liu Changlu encountered assaulting a police officer. When Liu Changlu shot a warning, a bullet mistook the passerby and caused an accidental "misfire", thus bringing him to court. The case triggered the police to use gun at the legal level. Lawyers Chi Yu and Zhao PengCheng found the key evidence to clear Liu Changlu's charges. Zhao PengCheng admitted to Liu Changlu that he had reported the "fire escape" but was misunderstood by all. When confronted again with the muzzle, Zhao PengCheng blocked the criminals in front of Liu Changlu and Zhao PengCheng's "fire" shattered the spiritual yoke of "misfiring" that year so that everyone could understand the correct meaning of his "fire escape."

Plot Summary>>

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