"The TV series "Fire" A Home Too Far Dong Fangzhuo will continue to ignite the tears

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The TV series “ FireA Home Too Far Dong Fangzhuo’s acting performance continues to ignite the tears

A series of forty episodes of "Fire", starring Li Song and Li Xiaoting, are composed of Li Song's screenwriter, Li Xiaozhong's original work, A Home Too Far, Dong Fangzhuo, Blackie Ko , Yang Wang , Zhang Yilun, and Bai Naisu. During the broadcast, the show has been ranked in the forefront not only in ratings but also in the popularity of the Internet. The exciting and suspenseful reasoning scenario challenges the viewers' nerves. Many netizens expressed emotions that “chasing the drama cannot be stopped!”

As the first panoramic public security work of the railway police in the era of high-speed railway, the TV series “Fire” closely follows the pulse of the times, presenting contemporary ironclad work and life, showing fierce confrontation, and pursuing truth in character and emotions. This is particularly evident in the development of the latest story, whether due to the tragedy of "domestic violence," or Zhao Peng's self-salvation and Wu Wei's story of tears mingled with the tears of the audience. .

The issue of "domestic violence" hits the hearts of people The Youth Action Team delivers warmhearted humanistic concerns

After focusing on the social hot issues of "left-behind children", the TV series "Fire" focused on the issue of "domestic violence." When the Youth Action Team investigated the “Qu Meijuan home violence case”, it was discovered that Qu Meijuan’s physical and psychological damage was caused by the long-standing domestic violence of her husband Zhong Liu, and she had heard her husband because of lack of legal awareness after hearing her husband. Did not surrender in time, resulting in the death of her husband, causing a tragedy, it is embarrassing.

Although Qu Meijuan’s case is heartfelt, as the team of A Home Too Far stated, this cannot be a reason for his crimes. Many people in this society are very difficult and others do not understand you. At the time, you cannot choose to give up on yourself, nor can you ignore the law and despise life. The existence of domestic violence not only leads to the misfortune of marriage and family, but also easily leads to vicious crimes and endangers the stability of society. Therefore, it calls for the public to pay attention to the social phenomenon of domestic violence. It is particularly important to pay attention to the social group of victims of domestic violence. The TV series “Fire” focuses on social realities. Through the dialogue between the youth action team and Qu Meijuan, it discusses social hot topics and delivers positive and correct values ​​to the society and reflects the humanistic concerns of the warm heart.

Zhao Peng Cheng Shi is now self-salvation A Home Too Far Dong Fangzhuo

In the play, Zhao Pengcheng (A Home Too Far) confessed to Wu Wei (Dong Fangzhuo) that he had been confessed to the reality of “Fire” seven years ago. The relationship between the two was estranged and the relationship was tense, affecting the hearts of many chasing netizens. In the story aired last night, Zhao Pengcheng visited Master Wu Lei at the graveyard and said to Master: "I shot, this time without the Fire." "I was most afraid of the two days. One day is your day of death. One day is the day. Wei's birthday. This scene happened to be heard by Wu Wei. The two men burst into tears. Wu Wei pointed at her father’s tombstone and said that he would not blame Zhao Pengcheng. He hopes that Pengcheng’s brother will also lay down their knots and come out quickly. Zhao Pengcheng said sorry to Wu Wei, and the two embrace each other. This sad heart drama caused the chase spectators to shed tears and said that "the knot finally opened, no longer abuse the Zhao team and Wu Wei friends," "the acting is great, two people are distressed, completely look cry." .

Although A Home Too Far and Dong Fangzhuo were the first to cooperate, they were the perfect scores for the two alumni. When A Home Too Far spoke in front of Master’s graveyard, from the very beginning of the martyrdom, to the back corners of the tears, sobbing several times, Zhao Pengcheng's ups and downs A Home Too Far are very good, especially the phrase “I In the past, I really passed. "It's even more poignant. It seems to say to Master, and it's like saying to myself that after seven years of repression, I finally achieved self-redemption. The performance of Dong Fangzhuo is full of infectious power. He smiles and tells his father about his own investigation. Afterwards, the tears burst into tears. He hopes that Peng Cheng's brother will lay down his heart. She will convert the two feelings of “smile” and “cry”. Naturally, vividly and vividly demonstrated the growth of the figure of “Wu Wei”.

TV series “Fire” by the Ministry of Public Security Jindun Film and Television Cultural Center, Youku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinbaoyuan Film and TV Investment Co., Ltd., Horgos New Power Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Beijing Fengqing Mu Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing Perfect Television Media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Golden days Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced the product. With the opening of Zhao Peng Cheng Xinjie, and Wu Wei reconciled, the Youth Action Team will then work side by side to find out the big boss behind the Fire incident! In the middle of this, what difficulties they will face again, every night at 19:30 Zhejiang Satellite TV China Blue Theater staged, youku, iQIYI VIP members every night at 22 points first look, non-members update at 22:00 the next day.

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