Wallace chung sunny luo yun xi gao yuanyuan' they are also very evil and make people love and hate

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Star connection September 28Judging from some of this year's hits on the street, audience friends are increasingly turning away from the all-stupid, white-sugar, domineering chief executive: positive characters are so good that they can't find a flaw, and negative characters are so bad that they don't have a good idea. After all, no one can be like a white lotus flower out of the mud without being stained, unwashed, pure, and not so bad that no ray of light can come in, there is good, bad, selfish and love is a normal human. Today, we're going to show you some of the most beloved and hateful villains out there.

云熙Embellish of jade

Luo Yun Xi Embellish of jade

This summer, we are all sweet girls. " Ashes of Love/Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst Luo Yun Xi's role in the movie is like the name "runyu". His character is as gentle as a jade, and won the hearts of many girls when he first appeared Zi Yang, Play the brocade one fan infatuation. Kam but not find answer but the deep love, although be sent big prince never really get attention, due to the loss of the death of his mother and gradually step into the tactics in the struggle of vortex is a tragedy to the heartrending character, even if the last black, also let a person hate not up completely, this kind of "bad" out of the cause, finally also awaken to, get back in kind embellish of jade.

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SunnyThe FanYi

Sunny The FanYi

Recently, police and bandits acted in Newport drama The Eclipse storm "Is popular, a lot of friends close to small have been chasing up, and specifically for the show became a valued member of youku, one breath watched a dozen episodes. Fan yi, played bySunnyin the drama, is also a lovable and hateful character Briza media The most important thing is to be nice to your girlfriend. What other TV show do you see with such a tight, untardy pace? ! As the audience was watching, fan yi disappeared mysteriously. In the process of searching for him byBriza mediaand his fiancee, fan yi's identity gradually became blurred. He was obviously a drug police officer, and he had nothing to say to his brother and love, but his gambling mother was forced to cooperate with the drug dealer, which led him astray. This is because the family has to commit the crime of the role is really sad, although the statement is not emotional, but as a person, how can not love. TheThe Eclipse stormis still being updated. I hope fan yi can turn over a new leaf at the end.

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Wallace ChungThe concern for the

Wallace Chung The concern for the

" Cold water Is small make up childhood memory (accidentally exposed age), the show Wallace Chung's pity toward is too handsome, when popular tianya community, however, be sealed as one of the four beauty "tianya, such a handsome man is deep, all have been framed him when a man and a brother, but he dare to love dare to hate, also calculate to heart of the qi less suppliers, and the prime minister's daughter love though insipid, also calculate true love once, let the audience hate him loved him, sad also sensible. Coincidentally, both theThe Eclipse stormandCold waterwere framed by good brothers Julian Cheung, Play, he can go to the answer "repeatedly by brother pit is what experience" ha ha ha.

Gao YuanyuanWeek zhi if the

Gao Yuanyuan Week zhi if the

Gao Yuanyuan's performance as zhou zhiruo is a classic. Many people are amazed at her appearance. At first, she is beautiful, kind, lively and cheerful. But then out of nowhere Zhao Min Zhou zha if love but can not, from pure feeling, become ruthless and ruthless, but still does not hinder her to become the goddess in the hearts of many people, now there are numerous Jin Yong Fans are arguing over whether zhang's favorite isZhao Minor zhou zhiru.

Wang Yan (actress)The white feifei

Wang Yan (actress) The white feifei

I heard recently that Wulin Foreign History "Will be a remake, this is also one of the small children's memories, after hearing that will be a remake, many netizens and the small editor's reflection is the same: who can also like Wang Yan (actress-like bai feifei interpretation so good? !Wang Yan (actress)plays as the existence of white feifei is a fairy, each time you cast light achievement, a fairy too much, such a great beauty, but from the heart only hate the mother took, for shen waves is true love, but it has to do some bad things in the mother's instructions, family and love, how to choose? It's also a villain you can't hate.

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