Successor plan' burst into laughter Wang Yanlin big breasts powder skirt strength Sao

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Directed by Liu Chuang , Wang Yanlin , Li Xin burning , Jiabin Zheng , Haoyu Yang starring Chang Kuo-Chu special starring undercover theme suspense comedy " successor program " is Sohu video hot, the film tells the story by Wang Yanlin Played the northeast mixed Li Jinshui , met with their own gang master Kim Ki-Ji follow suit , after a combination of bad and wrong identity, but also dramatically become the story of the police undercover experienced. The latest story, Li Jinshui unexpectedly with Ruzhen overnight passion, ushered in a series of life-threatening knock on the door, pink dress easy to wear, water pipes help, the bath was caught life-long ... ... invincible, Li Jinshui easy to get through a In the "colorful" morning, new tasks ensued. In order to preserve the successor program, his successors' teammates started a new round of fighting.


Li Jinshui Blocked Bathtub Remains Fragile for Expenses

In the previous episode, Haoyu Yang was informed that the successor program that has been in operation for more than two decades has been canceled because of the delay in its success. After winning the battle, the police officer agreed to give two more days to inherit Planning team is under tremendous pressure. Li Jinshui drank unexpectedly with Yu Chang, a woman from Chang Kuo-Chu, who went to bed at the time of the drug secret mission. Ru Zhen along the walls of the water to escape, the Park Buane after the foot into the door, Li Jinshui can only coaxed to make good hee Lee also from the pipe to leave, missed every rain, Ruzhen's men also come to see, too late Woman's bra to pack up, he can only pretend he is a transvestite, little pink skirt bra make people laugh. And this is the play's opening, good-hee's father seven eagle gang boss with East -hoon as leaving a note saying good-hee and Kim Ki continue to elope also came to the door, Li Jinshui only let Aunt disguised as cleaners Park Bu also slipped away from the water pipe, with East-hoon door to see the bath being in the bath, he seized his lifeblood, in order to threaten Li Jinshui Do not look good good. Li Jinshui was looking for Ru Zhen to understand the progress of the drug. However, he was caught by the drug dealers and was inspired to act as a rescuer. He was rescued as a counterfeit gold dealer at Haoyu Yang.


Water scoop CP burst into laughter bucket of poisonous side of the bucket fighting Na Meili total missed anti-drug

Pig teammate Parketane was accidentally shot in confrontation with the drug dealer, Li Jinshui instant collapse, but love to cheat Park Bohane but bullet-proof vest saved his life, in the face of heavy attack, the two jokes, chaos fighting Smoothly came to the police support. Behind the scenes of the drug factory Nine uncle control that their own efforts are the end, directly from the suspicion of Kim Ji, straight drive rushed to his home search. Li Jinshui had already prepared, called good Hee as a shield, staged a Nong Nong Nong's play in the underground parking lot, skilled acting not only blinded the uncle, good Hee has also been moved to offer kisses. On the other hand, Duona, in order to preserve the successor program, should seize the shortcomings of Li Jinxun, the gang of gold-based smuggling gangsters, and Li Xiuji, the owner of the movie company, that movie company owners like to lure young girls to shoot indecent videos After Duona decided to start with the beauties, with a glamorous look and hot body successfully attracted the attention of Li Xiu Kyi, but for a moment to be drugged, she can only resort to the final awareness of Li Jinshui ......

"Successor Program" plot compact energy, heavy suspense to the audience refreshing, but also in the traditional undercover theme added hilarious elements, an endless stream of the Northeast Terrier to make this high-quality net play has become a must-see masterpiece, users have said "To be jabred at the 360 ​​degree by this drama." Successor plans into the future into a mystery, the next story will go where? Please lock every Thursday by Sohu video, produced by the male media "successor program", the New Year to continue joyful opening!



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