Wang Yanlin was unexpectedly hijacked by surprise's successor plan

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Led by Liu Chuang, starring Wang Yanlin , Li Xinhua , Jiabin Zheng and Haoyu Yang , Chang Kuo-Chu 's gold star undercover suspense comedy " Successor plan " won the netizen's unconventional plot and superb acting skills. It was praised by the audience. The film tells the story of Wang Jinlin's role as the North-Eastern Filibuster Li Jinshui. After meeting with his own gang master Kim Ji Jung, the film exchanges his identities and dramatizes the undercover experience of the police. All kinds of stories. This week, the "Successor plan" ushered in the finale. The suspended animation of Pu Pu-Lan (haoyu yang ornaments) reappeared. The successor team was reunited and used the clever trick to send the eastern leader to the police station. At last, he became the chief of the Eastern gang, but Park Bu-Chan was vilified by Cui Zheng as a black police officer and he lost his life to death...

Park Bu-ju-ho died in the rescue of the creek water CP successor group brain-burning plan to dismantle the eastern help

In the previous episode, the police was infiltrated. Kim Ki-ki was already released. Jiu-Jun was pressing harder. Li Jin-shui (Wang Yanlin), who had an enemies attack on his back, wanted to take him away. But because of two people The misunderstanding was too deep to be recovered. Li Jinshui was seriously injured by people with Seon-woo Park . In the last two episodes of the plot, when the lives of the two men were critical, the mysterious person drove up to save the two men, and this person turned out to be Park Pu-Lan. The original teammate Park Pu-tan was actually a suspended animation. In order to keep Li Jinshui, he colluded with the doctor and concealed the news that he was still alive. Kim Jung learned of the news of Li Jinshui’s escape and broke with the alliance with Seon-woo Park. Li Jinshui shared a message with Dong Xun and promised to win back everything in the East to share with Sung Hee. Li Jinshui and Shan Xie met again at the merry-go-round after a successful encounter after the death and catastrophe. In front of the successor team, it was a final mixed problem: arresting black police, keeping Li Jinshui’s identity, and solving the Eastern Gang. These problems must all be resolved in the last mission. Li Jinshui has come up with a perfect plan: First, Dou Nai Choi is at a meeting and then Park Pu and Doo Na control the value of Cui. Li Jinshui gives Jiushu called him to negotiate. In the actual plan, when Li Jinshui met with Jiu Shu, Jiu Shu took Qi Zhen as a hostage, Li Jinshui used Cui Zheng value as a bargaining chip to successfully rescue the Zhen Zhen, and sent on-site monitoring to Jin Shang Wenjie , Jin Shangwenjie and Nine. The fact that the uncle was open to the front, the fact that the uncle and the uncle colluded with the police was revealed, and the leaders of the eastern part did not catch the police.

Pu Pu was trapped in the sea and lived and died. Li Jinshui was left behind by the mysterious man.

In fact, Cui Zheng was only fainted after being drugged. After he was awake, Doo told him that Jin Ji had died in a fierce battle with Jin Shang Wenjie. Jiu Shu was arrested and was willing to report false news from the police. Afterwards, Cui Zheng valued the nine uncles from the police, but he did not want to open the cover. It was actually Park Pu-Lan. When Park Pu-Chan and Cui were melee, Doona took the people but he was still a step. Park The plutus cuddles Cui and jumps off the cliff and disappears into the sea. In the police report three days later, Dou Na once again saw the positive value of Cui. Pu Pu was framed as a black police officer. The police officer informed her that the Successor plan would continue and he hoped that Li Jinshui would continue to do undercover and disintegrate the Seven Eagles to become The next goal. While Jin Shang Wenjie agreed to be a witness for blemishes, the only condition was to meet with Kim Ki Jung. The meeting between Li Jinshui and Kim Shang Wenjie was warm and warm. Kim Shang Wenjie handed over all the information of the Eastern Bang to Li Jinshui, and Li Jinshui prepared it meticulously. The gift scarf makes the feeling between the fake father and son true. Li Jinshui won the recognition of the board members. He succeeded in becoming the president of the Eastern Conference. He and Shin Hee went to the carousel, and Seon-woo Park saw his sister no longer chase after the escape. The two men finally reconciled. Pulpane, which jumped into the sea, was rushed to the shore by the sea, and the children who were kicked discovered. Kim Shang Wenjie like a mysterious man entrusted to his son, Kim Ki-faced in the face of allegations of near collapse, he has finally got the end result. Li Jinshui was unexpectedly robbed by the Unknown person.... In the last scene on a private house roof, Li Jinshui met with the mysterious man. “Successor plan” was the end of the play, but the story did not end and the screenwriter left behind This triggered a high degree of enthusiasm for the sequel to this high-energy internet drama.

"Successor plan" is a compact, high-energy drama with a lot of suspense. It also adds hilarious elements to traditional undercover themes. An endless stream of Northeastern terriers makes this high-quality online drama a must-see for masterpieces. Like the undercover, suspenseful, brain-burning and comedy elements of the audience, this “Successor plan” produced by Sohu Video and Hero Media is a must-see!

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