Yitiantulongji (Movie)[1978]

Area: Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: Oct. 19,1978(大陆)
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Martial arts | Costume


The book "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" plot rich and twists and turns bizarre, many different characters and their own characteristics, which is also one of the most readers favorite Jin Yong works. The film by the Shaw Film Company in 1978 Jin Yong movie is divided into the upper and lower two episodes, adapted and directed by Chu original. The main characters on the set by the ornaments, ornaments, Lo Lieh decorated Golden Lion, Wang Rong decorated bright teach the left, decoration, decoration, Cheung Ying guest. Story description, Wulin Artificial Sword, Tulou Dao, has fallen in the hands of Mie JueShiTai and Xie Xun, but the two need to be together in order to find out the secret, dominate the world ... ... under the finale, the theme song by Luo Wen lead singer . The main characters by Derek Yee decorated Zhang WuJi, Candice Yu decorated Zhou ZhiRuo, decorated with Zhao Min, decorated to teach the green wing bat king, Wang Rong Ming bright left to Yang sent, Lai Fong Cheng decorated Xiao Man, Candy Man Suet Yee decorated Yin Li , Decorated to teach right to make. The plot lies in the love triangle between Zhang WuJi, Zhou ZhiRuo and Zhao Min, and the final answer to the secret of Sword Heaven Sword and Dragon Sword.

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