Lost SamuraiSword' is an upgrade to Ginger's obsession with dreams

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Recently, the new suspense martial-arts drama LostSamuraiSword starring Wu Ta-You , Ming Ren and Ginger directed by the famous Hong Kong director Mingkai Hu is nearing completion. With the gradual deepening of the plot, the continuous climax, the tensions of the plots in a loop makes the audience unable to resist. In the play, the controversial villain "Xue Ruoyi" has finally been able to "sink in snow" over time.

As the only and most powerful female villain in the play, Xue Ruojun, a star performer named Ginger, naturally cannot but criticize the netizens who have been driven by the plot. In the early period, Xue Ruoyun took a little bit of caution in his intelligence. Some practices can make people hate and hate. In the later period, all the talents learned the truth. After Xue Ruoyu entered the dream between Xuan Xuan and Xuan Xuan, the netizens saw her true inner world. The world in her dream was simple and ordinary, but happy and happy. The sweet picture that Xue Ruo’e imagined from the screen pinched the hearts of people and she wanted to. It's very simple, but it's always accompanied. When Yi Feng (Ming Ren ornaments) entered the dream and asked her to wake up, she said, “The grandchildren have children. I should have rested. It is too hard to wake up.” Let many viewers hide their tears. At the moment, the audience finally realized that some of Xue Ruyi's hard-hearted intentions were not the kind of heart she really had. Netizens have expressed their desire to send the blade to the writer and the screenwriter is too embarrassed. If all the characters in this role are tragedies, they are too depressed. Ginger himself also stated on the social platform: “If she is a strong-looking woman with a fragile inner heart, she looks forward to a beautiful and mundane life, but she is involuntarily and miserable.”

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