“Fragrance sword rain” will broadcast “love each other” interpretation of Triad Underworld love

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New suspense martial drama " fragrance sword rain " adapted Cliff Lok novel, will be officially launched on February 8. About the evil is also the mysterious master Iraq wind grew into a hero of the story of salvation. Wulin heroic heroes and legendary-level weapons have appeared, Cliff Lok's Triad Underworld group portrait and martial arts world view revealed, the unprecedented restoration of the entire Cliff Lok universe.

In addition to preserving the magnificent and fantastic storyline of the magnificent original and based on the spiritual core of the martial arts drama, "Fragrant Sword and Rain" incorporates comedy and current popular ACG culture elements with the pride of young audiences . These differ from the previous traditional martial arts drama set and break, weave an existing Dao Guang Jian Yu, but also with a sense of joy off Wu Lin Jiang lake.


Wu Ta-You wild monarch defensive full

Popular flower Wu Ta-You challenged the "big breasts sister" and strive to break themselves, the first time in the costume chivalrous woman. Wu Ta-You with its unique pure and sexy double charm, interpretation of the white lady Min Sun ice proud, fairy fluttering side, and her strong infuriating outbreak turned into a "prime minister" when the attack Gas full of double-sided female figure. Ming Ren starred in "anti-routines," heroes Yi Feng. The heroine of Yi-Feng differs from the heroic image of justice in people's traditional cognition. He is a "heroic" figure who is also righteous and evil and maverick. "There is no absolute difference between good and evil and innocent people in the world." Iraqi wind is not the kind of superior expert in the world. Instead, it is a trifled, discreet and unprofitable speech that opens the mouth-to-mouth warfare model to release hormones anytime, anywhere. "Triad Underworld customer". The skeleton's bizarre drama is also reflected in the masculine and feminine masculinity and the distinctive lines of emotions. The alternative love and hate between Yi Sun and Min Sun and Xue Ruibi are confusing and unpredictable.


Ming Ren, Wu Ta-You "Love and Death" Dedication to Triad Underworld

"Fragrance Jian Yu" blood Triad Underworld version of the trailer, Min Sun (Wu Ta-You), Yi Feng (Ming Ren) This CP sweetheart love appear. In the play can be described as chess every opponent, evenly matched. Temperament flower Wu Ta-You interpretation of the white woman Min Sun Bingyin proud, the body contains the mysterious "power of the Great Wild," she is full of aggression by netizens as "the Wild Royals sister." Ming Ren handsome shape, a variety of fancy Shuai Shuai force full, his "elegant heroes" played from the bottom of the way is very amazing, a look of Acacia lying in the peach tree, finger petal POSE lethality, "domineering side Leak "look back to kill, eyes kill more girls heart Meng move. A large number of burst into the martial arts scene with cool, magic effects, so netizens soared netizens. The Wu Ta-You, Ming Ren, etc. join forces in joy lovers, a martial arts around the start of the Chivalry battle is about to start, put on a "love and kill" Triad Underworld Sadomasochism.

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