“Fragrance Jian Yu” Yi wind actor Ming Ren release of hormones “Triad Underworld”

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Martial arts drama " Fragrance Jian Yu " February 8 launch, adaptation of the classic book by Cliff Lok . Ming Ren changed the city's elite male image, for the first time in the play as the heroine Yi Feng angle, the exposure part of the shape, Ming Ren wearing a hair band, holding a variety of cold weapons Triass Underworld atmosphere, The romantic scene was faintly discernible among the facial features. Ming Ren, who tried her first martial arts costume show, was a subversive performance and a great fan of fans.

飘香剑雨 Ming Ren 剧照

"Fragrance Jian Yu," tells the story of the mysterious master the challenges the Iraqi air force day fight alone teach defeat was Villa helm Center Stage hear his fancy, join the Justice League, and thus grow into the hero of the story of salvation. Ming Ren in the play for the first time attempted a martial arts drama, 18 kinds of weapons are all playing modeled, Iraqi wind with both rhetorical and neurotic personality traits, but also let Ming Ren Mensao Pisces male flowers More time to try to figure out the character's inner world, in the design of body language and tricks up and down a lot of effort. Ming Ren bluntly: "Every time a different challenge is a growth, I hope there are different things presented to the audience." "Sword Rain" in the subversive interpretation or audience will bring a completely different fresh feeling.

飘香剑雨 Ming Ren 剧照

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