“ruyi's royal love in the palace” wan concubine joined “i am the actor”

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Linkeddb News October 15Recently, zhejiang TV's popular competitive reality show "I am an actor" aired its sixth program, among them Xiwen Cao , Jianing Xue with Yang Wang The cooperative performance of "left and right" by all the tutors and judges highly appreciated. In"Ruyi's Royal Love in the PalaceIn the film, Xiwen Cao, who plays the real love fan wan concubine of qianlong, had a touching performance, but was unfortunately eliminated. & have spent

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Xiwen Cao, Jianing Xue and Yang Wang perform an adaptation of the film "left and right" : xiao lu (Yang Wang) agrees to have another child with his ex-wife Jianing Xue (Jianing Xue) in order to save the life of her daughter with leukemia. Xiao lu's current wife, dong fan (Xiwen Cao), intrudes into the family's home and angrily confronts the two, who acquiesce to the absurd and helpless decision after seeing the child's illness. & have spent

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All three performed extremely well, especially Xiwen Cao perfectly presented the extremely complex inner struggle and the human nature torn apart, and the acting has won unanimous praise from people in the place. Hu Mei The director praised Xiwen Cao's cute dong fan and said, "it really impressed me during the performance. If I had such an actor in every play, I would be so happy and relaxed!" Professional judges also said that "miss Xiwen Cao was an eye-opener to me this evening because she was a harder character to play than the other two" and that "she quickly showed an accurate mood". In the audience rating, Xiwen Cao and Jianing Xue were equally divided. However, the tutor did not share the score, but gave the score to Yang Wang. Xiwen Cao was eliminated, which was regrettable. & have spent

Shortly after the show aired, "Xiwen Cao Tamia Liu "Was a highly discussed topic and quickly made it to the top search list. Many netizens suddenly realized that "previously, I always thought that" Vildanden "Was played by Tamia Liu, originally by Xiwen Cao, and the two look so similar!" ", "when watching the trailer, I thought that Tamia Liu was coming, but I was not alone. Are Xiwen Cao and Tamia Liu really not related? ", "what? The five star hotel was played by Xiwen, not Tamia Liu?" & have spent

Xiwen Cao, a rock girl, has starred in five star hotel and Sisters in Hong Kong Hit shows like "Vildanden" and "Vildanden" have perfectly shaped different characters. A netizen joked, "in the play is really selfless, seems to be strong, in fact, to help others into the role, and the official performance of" left and right "Xiwen Cao really exploded, looking through her history, found a rule: as long as she has worked with artists, immediately red! And yuan shanshan, Kai Wang , Jiayin Lei After the cooperation they all red, earlier cooperation Zhu Yawen , Qiao Zhenyu , Cherrie Ying , Yin Tao , cooperate with her finish also all red, only be her oneself have no red, really is the strength belt red other people, water put out oneself, how to say she? The entertainment industry true · koi!"

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The TV series starring Xiwen Cao is known as You And Me In Time "And" the broken dream game "will be released in the near future, please pay attention!

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